About Us

My wife and I built Track My Hockey Stats for the hockey legaue that I play in, The GWLHL. We also built it with the vision that we could make it available to any other league who is looking to add a league website for on-line news and statistics.

We are really excited about Track My Hockey Stats because we can see how much it adds to the league that we designed it for and we're excited about sharing it with other leagues. The application is only two years old, and we're still adding new features all the time to make it even better. We also recognize that not every league is exactly the same, and we expect that every new league will need some minor customizations. We will do our best to make our application fit with any special requirements your league may have.

We look forward for the opportunity to work with any other leagues who think that Track My Hockey Stats would help them improve the experience of the players.

If you think that Track My Hockey Stats would benefit your league, please Contact Us.

For more information about what Track My Hockey Stats has to offer, visit our Features page.