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Week 13

Jan 14, 2019

It was primary versus secondary (and tertiary!) colours for week 13 of the GWLWHL!

We all know that blue + yellow = green, but did you know that blue + green = teal? For game 1 of the night, it was a vibrant mix of aqua on the ice as a full team Blue faced off against a 9-player Green team. It didn't take long for Blue to strike first, scoring in the first period to be up 1-0 after one. The second period was a hard battle between the teams with chances for both to score but it wasn't until early in the third period when the puck crossed the goal line - this time in team Green's favour. However, the celebration was short-lived when Becky Chervinski scored her second of the night to help her team win 2-1.

Magenta was the colour of choice for game 2 - Red versus Purple. Fun fact: Magenta is not found in the visible spectrum of light (thanks, Wikipedia), but everyone saw when Anna McKinnon scored late in the first period for Team Red. Throughout the rest of the game, the Purple team tried to even the score but goaltender Nancy and the Red defense wouldn't let the puck go in the net. The game ended with Red winning 1-0 and Purple still solid at fourth place in the standings.

Game 3 was a citrus battle between Yellow and Orange, a combination forming an amber-type of colour. According to many sources, amber is a colour symbolizing energy and is also used in traffic lights and turn signals. The Orange team seemed to channel this amber energy to turn their traffic light from amber to GREEN as they stepped on the gas and went full speed into the first period of the game, scoring two goals quickly - one of which was scored by superstar Rei Watanabe who's been quietly adding up the points this season. Team Yellow also got on the board in the first, but Orange never let up, scoring another four goals total in the second and third periods, winning the game 6-1.

Now only three games left in the regular season, things are quickly heating up between the teams before playoffs begin. Next week starts off with Team Blue and Team Purple, followed by Team Red against Team Orange, and ending with Team Yellow versus Team Green.

Week 12

Jan 7, 2019

It was a night to remember in the GWLWHL for the first games of 2019!

The evening began with Team Orange against Team Purple and the glass of "O.J." was filled to the brim as every Orange player was in attendance. Team Purple was missing a few players but was still hoping to get in Orange's faces and "DE-STROY". Unfortunately for Team Purple, Orange wasn't phased by any of Purple's attempts to get in their heads and they blasted their pulp to a 5-0 lead after two periods. Purple got on the scoreboard in the third period when Larissa Schmitke put the puck in the back of the net for her first goal of the season. Team Orange's Rei Watanabe scored halfway through the third to make it 6-1 for an Orange win, which could have easily been 10-1 if it weren't for Purple's Lori "The Wall" Frain stopping many of Orange's attempts to get in the zone.

Coming off a big win last week, Team Yellow was looking to grab another two points against Team Green and was hoping to move up in the standings before the end of the regular season. With lots of chances for both teams, it was 1-1 after two periods and going into the third, it was anyone's game! Halfway through the third period, Green's Captain Stacey scored with a sweet assist from Ginette Lafreniere, putting Green up 2-1. Less than a minute later, Yellow's Jenna Weins tied it up. The last four minutes of the game was a nail biter but ended in a 2-2 tie with Yellow now one point behind Green in the standings.

The final game of the night was between Team Red and Team Blue. A fast-paced game, both teams had many chances to score but goaltenders Nat and Nancy were so focused that they let nothing get through them and into the net, ending the game in a 0-0 tie. Although there was no scoring to report for this game, two penalties were given out in the third period. Team Blue was penalized for tripping and near the end of the game, Team Red was penalized for hooking. Now only one point behind Team Red in the regular season standings, the Blue team will face Red once again on January 25th.

Week 13 will be an important week as all teams continue to fight for more points to claim their spot in the standings before playoffs. It's a close race for fourth, fifth, and sixth spot as Purple, Green, and Yellow are each separated by only one point and second and third place (Red and Blue) are also separated by only one point. Orange is leading with 4 points ahead of second place. Tune in on Friday to see what happens!

Week 11

Dec 31, 2018

Well, the Grinch has won - the Christmas game was cancelled! Both Team Red and Team Green did not have enough players available and with limited spares, the game was declared a 0-0 tie. While they don't meet up again during the regular season, perhaps Red and Green will have one more battle against one another once playoffs begin...

Playoffs? Don't talk about - playoffs? You kidding me? Playoffs?!? Yes - playoffs will be starting sooner than you might think! As this past week saw mostly empty benches for the teams, the first game of 2019 will likely be a different story, once everyone is back from holidays and ready to skate off all those winter treats.

The first game of the night was between Team Orange and Team Blue. Blue was hoping to pass the Red team in the standings for second place and while they didn't get a full two points, the game ended in a 3-3 tie for one point each. Team Blue opened up the scoring but Orange didn't waste any time responding, scoring their first just a few seconds later. Going into the third period and up by two goals, Orange was sure they would pull off the win. The Blue team rallied, scoring two goals later in the third to tie up the game and claim a point. Now sitting one point behind the Red team, Team Blue will face Red next Friday in what some may say will be an epic duel for second place in the league.

The last game saw Team Purple face off against Team Yellow. Team Purple was off to a great start when less than a minute in, Captain Sheryl channeled her "inner Adam Lowry" to score the first goal. The Yellow team did not let that goal get to them and they responded in a big way by scoring four goals in the first period alone. After scoring two more in the second period, it was now 6-1 for Team Yellow. Looking for Yellow's lucky goal number 7, Captain Megan found it, scoring midway through the third period and securing herself a hat trick for the night. Fun fact: Purple will look to get even when they play Team Yellow once more on January 25th, just before the end of the regular season.

Week 12 - the first game of the new year - will see Team Orange versus Team Purple, Team Green against Team Yellow, and Team Red battle Team Blue. As always, be sure to come and cheer on your favourite teams in the stands!

December 28th - 6:30 Game Cancelled

Dec 27, 2018

The scheduled game at 6:30pm on Friday, December 28th between Team Red and Team Green has been cancelled due to excessive holiday celebrations and limited players. However, the ice time will be available to any players wanting to get in some free skating time.

The other two games are still scheduled to take place at 7:45pm and 9:00pm.

Week 10

Dec 17, 2018

Fact: 10 weeks of hockey has gone by already. Whaaaaaaaaat????? Yes... yes, they have... and on Friday night, all teams were in a state of disbelief about how quickly the season has gone by.

It was a battle between Team Green and Team Orange to start the evening. Team Orange had an extra boost of "Vitamin C" on their bench while the Green team experienced a sudden loss of players and needed to quickly call in an extra reinforcement to start the game. Team Green did their best to fend off multiple attacks of Orange pulp but the score was already 2-0 after the first period and after a quiet second period, Captain Misty - no stranger to the score sheet - scored two goals in the third for a juicy 4-0 win for Orange.

As Green and Orange went off the ice to enjoy their team potlucks in the dressing rooms, it was time for a Team Blue and Team Purple match-up. The first period was a back-and-forth battle of goals for each team. Blue was the first to get on the scoreboard with Purple answering back a few minutes later. Then Blue scored another and Purple scored once more, tying the game at 2-2 after one. After scoring another goal late in the second period, Purple went on the defense to keep their lead and with help from their goaltender, Nat, they won 3-2 and are now a solid fourth place in the standings.

With full stomachs from all the delicious holiday potluck food at the rink, it was time for Team Red to play Team Yellow in the night's final game. The Red team got their first goal of the night halfway through the first period then after realizing they could pass Team Blue in the standings with a win, they turned it up in the second, scoring three goals within three minutes for a final score of 4-1. Now only three points behind the league's top team Orange, Red will look to claim their place as number one when the GWLWHL resumes after the holiday break.

In the spirit of the season, please enjoy "The 12 Days of Hockey - an 80's Classic" video and song introduced by a young and vibrant Ron MacLean:

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