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Week 2

Apr 19, 2018

PSA: We’ve had our first (and hopefully only!) major injury of the season. While many injuries are fluke accidents, some are totally avoidable. So this is just a friendly reminder to stay safe out there on the field!

To kick the night off, the Pack were short their goalie this week, leaving the team to the proverbial Wolves as defenseman Gurmuhk Roopra had to step back to mind the net. The dogs tried in vain to claw their way out of the basement, and rookie Lanre Adebayo showed he has what it takes to run in this league, but in the end Team Blue’s red hot strikers slammed the door to the kennel. The match wasn’t all fun and games though, as an awkward collision sent Daniel Chukwuma to hospital with a broken tibia.

4 former 2017 Aquaholics Championship teammates squared off against each other for what can only be described as anything but an epic battle. Co-captains Alyssa and Siwicki once again brought All their Right Mauves to the field and handed out a Grass Kicking at its finest. Self proclaimed “top 5 draft pick for sure”, tie-wearing rookie Jordan Lomonaco once again hit the score sheet and proved that he might just be more than all talk. The Grass Kickers get their drafted net minder Adam Bergen back next week, so look for them to move substitute goalie Damian Reinberg back up the field for added striker strength.

Nothing classy here as the Anchorcrew went Fishin’ in the Dark and came up with yet another tie game. This match was grindy, with penalties by both teams and a called “no goal” on what was deemed a slide kick by attacker Gaetan Infantino. The Fishermen started strong by popping a few past Dan Nichols but Udoka Umeh was able to capitalize on his fancy dancing to tie things up and the match was pretty even from then on. For those in IA keeping track, Tomiak let by 7 goals and incurred a penalty for using his mitts outside the crease.

Les Bleus proved no match for the Krush Rush. With two dominating wins, and the highest concentration of number nerds, this team proves that pencil pushers come to play! Kandy co-captain Kenyon seems to have upped his game this year as well as he’s at nearly half of his total points from 2017 already. Les Bleus is looking for the return of their captains next week to lift their blue spirits and bring them back to their winning ways.

While the field looked like a bouquet of flowers, it certainly didn’t smell like one by the time the final game rolled around. True to crazy Kusiak form, Plastics captain Selena Leung got run down in the box and a penalty shot was awarded. In attempts to champion his leading lady, Vivek Maharajh stepped up to the line, before realizing Selena is perfectly capable of taking the shot herself (and likely more qualified, TBH). Otherwise the Cards showed that sometimes you need to carry more than just Plastic.

Week 1

Apr 12, 2018

To kick off the 2018 season, Ron Burgundy and his Channel 4 News Team (Stay Classy FC) took on Team Blue in the red jerseys with the yellow pinnies (talk about a colour complex!). With last year’s breakout rookie Gaetan up against veteran fieldrunner Sal, you knew things would start with a bang, and these two teams finished locked in a stunning 9-9 tie! While this huge amount of scores didn’t trickle through the remaining games, the pace of play proved that “yogging” (I’m pretty sure it’s a soft “j”) is much more than a fad.

The Wolfpack (ah-oooooo) tried their best to level up against Kandy Krush FC, but the sweet treats avoided being eaten by the dogs. Back in the league after a hiatus is the Pack’s tender Joey Reuther. Expect him to dust the rust off and step up his game as the season progresses.

The battle between the surf and the turf saw a patriotic Les Bleus wash away the Grass Kickers and grind them into the dirt they grew from. Don’t let the French victory fool you, the turf were without their veteran keeper Adam Bergen and between two backups held the blue tide to only 3 goals.

In a game that just looked like a dish of licorice allsorts, the “on Wednesdays we wear pink” Plastics snubbed their noses at the whole concept of Fishing, let alone in the Dark. But Filly and his team of fishermen stood up to the Mean Girls and showed them just how much fun the dark can be. For those of you in Internal Audit keeping tabs on the Dark’s fiery keeper, he let in 3. And while Tomiak can be heard discussing his “weak controls”, we can assure you that these 3 goals a) occurred and b) were recorded in the proper periods.

The week’s final match up saw a purple squad bringing All their Right Mauves against a team already expecting to be penalized by Yellow Cards. Last year’s champion captain pairing combined again and put their best cleated foot forward in a bid to repeat.

League Kickoff

Apr 11, 2018

First games of the season start tonight.
Stay tuned for updates!

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