GWLMISL - 2018          

Adult Coed Soccer

League News

Finals & Windup

Jul 24, 2018

A reminder that the finals are taking place at 5:10 this Wednesday at CanLan.

The league windup will also be happening right after the finals at Winn City Pub, 635 Pembina Hwy. Food will be served at 7 PM. Food is Pizza, Fruit, Veggies and some salads. We ordered some chicken fingers for those who have dietary restrictions and their captains forwarded us their restrictions in time. Wait until the people with dietary restrictions have their chance to get some before taking any.
Team Prizes, Sportsmanship Awards and Door Prizes will be drawn after everyone has eaten. Attendance is required to win door prizes.

Week 12 Recap & Week 13 Preview

Jul 4, 2018

Week 12 was an eventful one as the Wolfpack continued their draft-mulligan-inspired run with yet another win over a league powerhouse as they took a 6-4 bite out of the Fish in Black. As if they needed another offensive dynamo, Mulinde M’Hango reminded the league what he’s made of with his first hat-trick of the season while Stan Mazur continued his sparkling record of having never been denied a goal in a match in this league.

The second match saw the only playoff-eliminated squad, the Grasskickers, pick up their 2nd victory of the season as super-sub turned goal-tender Jeff Valdivia set up Vladas Tvaskis for a game-sealing brace. The Yellowcards, still mourning the departure of fan-favorite Said Amalou in a mid-season trade to Montreal, will have to wait 1 more week to seal up a playoff spot of their own.

The 7pm game saw Andreas Bergen’s squad of sweets fall just short as his hat-trick was not enough to hold off the Mauves. Purple, searching for their 2nd win in 2 months, successfully quenched their thirst for victory as the score-line read 4-3 as the final buzzer rang. It would be their last sip of satisfaction for the night as slippery scorer Jordan Lomonaco took off early to fulfill his forgotten beer duties, never to be seen again.

Stay Classy FC ran into offensive struggles vs. a battered and substitution-starved group of Mean Girls as they were held to 3 goals, their lowest total in the Gaetan Infantino era. That ultimately would not matter as their modest output trumped the Plastics’ scoreless display, the 2nd such demonstration over the past two weeks. Having scored no goals since their tie vs. Team Blue and subsequent loss of 2 key players, one can only point to the injury of future all-star/apparent-nobody Jeremy Muzyka as their TSN turning point.

Yet another shutout was on the table as the 3 blue musketeers who wear red, Salman, Harun, and Rhys, ran roughshod over a compromised ACTUALLY blue team, combining for all 4 goals in a 4-0 shutout. Missing a number of players including their top two scorers and starting goalie, Les Bleus take consolation in the fact that this match had no bearing on their playoff standings.

There lots going on in the final week of the GWLMISL regular season, headlined by the return of everyone’s favorite column writer. The league also looks forward to karaoke night at Limelite, as well as a variety of playoff implications in a surprisingly close league race.

The first match features the Yellowcards vs. Kandy Krush FC for all the marbles. The winner will take part in the playoffs while the loser squares off against the Grass Kickers in this year’s Toilet Bowl, UNLESS they tie. In the event of a tie, they can potentially both move on should the Plastics fail to pick up a point in the 2nd match of the night.

As discussed earlier, a point by the Plastics would ensure their qualification and the end of the season for one of the teams in Game #1. Their adversary, Les Bleus, still without Kevin Tuyisenge, will be battling to avoid falling out of the top 5 and having to face one of the vaunted top 3 teams.

Fishin’ in the Dark will be battling for the same as Les Bleus as they square off against All The Right Mauves, who will be looking to keep their hopes of seizing 1st place alive with a win of their own. Team Black could lose their home field advantage with a loss. Male captains will be at a premium as Jean Fillion and Mike Siwicki miss this game, reportedly avoiding the city altogether due to the intense pressure of playing in such a monumental match.

The Grass Kickers have little to play for but after successfully filling the role of spoilers last week, they’ll look to do so again vs. a Team Blue that will also be chasing the top spot in the league with a win tonight. Salman Riyaz has already broken the league scoring record by 1 pt but can look to stretch that further out of reach.

The league’s final regular season match sees Stay Classy FC attempt to defend their 1pt lead at the top of the league in a battle against the rabid Wolfpack. The greys are currently set to face a top-3 opponent in the playoffs but a win of their own could allow them to vault 2 positions in the standings and offer home-field advantage in the first round.

It's Tradition!

Jun 29, 2018

With the end of the regular season coming to an end, the typical Canada Day-ish Limelight outing is due.

Similar to previous years, people will be making an outing to Limelight on Wednesday July 4th after the games to try their luck on the mic.

All are welcome to join and either partake in singing, or encourage others to sing their lungs out on stage. In previous years we were graced by singing/rapping legends such as Alyssa "DJ V" Vergata and Gordon "Dad Jokes" Yestrau. And if you're not a solo artist Dan "Will Sing with Anyone" Desrosiers will surely back you up on any song.

Note: Team songs are highly encouraged. But I believe The Plastics have already dibs all S-Club songs.

Playoffs and Ties

Jun 29, 2018

A reminder about playoffs, and tie rules.

Playoffs will be single elimination games, with no reseeding between rounds.

Tie Rules from the Handbook
Ties in the standings (Regular Season):
In the event that 2 teams are tied in points when determining regular season standings, the following tiebreak method will be used:
Head-to-head record
Most wins
Goal differential (goals for - goals against, against all teams)
Goal differential (between tied teams)
Least goals against (against all teams)
Least goals against (between tied teams)
Winner of the most recent head-to-head game
Coin toss

In the event that 3 or more teams are tied in points when determining regular season standings, the following tie-break method will be applied:
Most wins
Goal differential (against all teams)
Goal differential (between tied teams)
Least goals against (against all teams)
Least goals against (between tied teams)
Coin toss

If 3 or more teams are tied and can all be clearly separated by using these methods, this result will be used. If a 3 or more team tie-breaker clearly separates some, but not all, of the teams, this method will be used to assign a position to the separated team(s), and further tie-breakers will be used to break the remaining tie(s).

Playoff Overtime:
In a game requiring a winner to be declared, semi-final or final, one overtime period of 5 minutes shall be played. If at the end of overtime, the game is still tied, there will be a 3 player sudden death shootout (best of 3). Each team must alternate male and female shooters. If the game is still tied, there will be a one player sudden death shootout until the game is won. No player may shoot again until all players of their gender on their team have shot (this includes the goalkeepers).

Injury Update

Jun 14, 2018

As many of you know, an unfortunate accident happened in the last game of the night. The Plastics keeper Ryan Wood suffered a broken jaw, orbital bone and possibly some degree of concussion. Good news is that after seeing the doctor they have assessed that there was no neurological damage, and he will be going in for surgery on his jaw next week. I know we’re all wishing Ryan a swift recovery.

Week 9

Jun 8, 2018

Kandy Krush vs Stay Classy FC
After jumping out to a sizeable lead, Stay Classy FC opened the door for Kandy Krush FC to claw their way back into the game. With Andy Kenyon, Sammy Mulimbwa, and Andres Bergen on the field, no lead is safe, and Kandy Krush proved that they may be down, but should never be counted as out. The tension in this one came down to the wire, but the Classy folks managed to hang on to the W by a thread.

Les Bleus vs All the Right Mauves
Les Bleus becomes the fourth team in a row to wreak havoc on the Purple Party. In a tough back-and-forth match, the Mauves once again relied on dying seconds heroics to avoid a loss, this time from goaltender Mirzet Alekic who is the first netminder of the year to score a goal. There are apparently some grumblings from the Mauve camp about their recent inability to close things out, so a friendly reminder that no one likes a sour grape.

Team Blue vs The Plastics
Mitchell Link returns for The Plastics as he plays for only the third time this season, new and improved with ankle braces. His presence helped the Mean Girls execute some great ball movement and locked them in a tie with Team Blue after a tough match by both sides. With Team Blue’s Roger Reid away, defender Paul Rothery slipped back into his ways of years’ past and looked pretty comfortable back in net, but Pink goalie Ryan Wood was the definite hero of the game, making some incredible saves against the league’s top scoring team.

The Wolfpack vs Grass Kickers
Adam Conci is officially out for the season, so the Wolves permanently add Stan Mazur to their Pack. Even with the addition, the dogs continue to have attendance issues, however managed to they come up big against a Grass Kickers team struggling for consistency between the pipes. Cory Sulyma stepped into the net for his second game in this league and unfortunately it didn’t seem to be a pleasant experience. Let’s try to be a little more welcoming (or at least less wolf in sheep’s clothing) in the future: we need goalies!

Yellowcards vs Fishin’ in the Dark
We have our first suspension, folks! In a going-for-the-ball-hard play reminiscent of Kyle Kusiak, Jean Fillion took out... well... Kyle Kusiak...along the boards. While initially it was called a team foul, Filly just couldn’t hold in his “pardon my French” and things quickly escalated into a yellow card: his third of the season. The Yellowcards tried hard to keep the fishers down, but ultimately had trouble getting anything past Mark Tomiak. With the loss, they fall to 7th place, dead even in goals for and against. Shout out from last week: Derek Malis scored his first career goal (no more pouting that you didn’t get a mention, okay?) and it seems he and Jared Kukelko have started a “belly celly” when they help each other score.

Week 8

Jun 4, 2018

The Plastics vs Kandy Krush FC
With the Actuarial Conference hitting Kandy Krush hard, the team had to resort to a few spares to avoid being short-benched. But with Andy Kenyon away, Andreas Bergen simply had to step up and be the play maker for the Krush, setting up all three of their goals this week, two of them for spare Jeff Valdiva. Not to be outdone, The Plastics Erica Irwin proved that a little time away from the office is great for soccer as she picked up her first point of the season – a beaut to the back of the net.

Team Blue vs Fishin’ in the Dark
Team Blue has suffered their first loss as the Dark secures second place all to themselves, hook, line, and sinker. The Fishermen came to play, and they played hard against Team Blue this week, holding Salman Riyaz to only three points and beating up on Roger Reid, who hasn’t given up more than a handful since opening night. With two players on the Dark with two yellow cards apiece, the Blue strategy to draw a suspension for Filly seemed to backfire as any attempt to push him over the edge resulted in a team foul against the red army instead. Watch for these two teams to clash again before the season is through.

Les Bleus vs Yellowcards
Les Bleus was another team victimized by the conference this week, losing their netminder in favour for unknown and untested rookie Cory Sulyma, who did decently well stepping into an unfamiliar league. Unfortunately it seems no one warned him about Kyle Kusiak’s special brand of hospitality as Kyle took full advantage of the inexperience to climb closer to the top 10 players in the 2018 league. Despite the blank, Les Bleus were able to hold on to fourth in the league by the slimmest of margins: better start hitting the score sheet, Mesdames and Messieurs.

All the Right Mauves vs The Wolfpack
The Wolfpack pick up some extra players to help them field a team, and it seems to have paid off! Subbing for his second team of the night, Stan Mazur continued his run as a “supa-spare”, and Andreas Bergen got out of the A column and into the G to help the Wolfpack hand the Mauves their second tie of the season. It’s been a rough few weeks for the Mauves, who haven’t won a game since May 9. I guess the league has caught on to the purps consistently fielding Jordie Lomonaco and Mike Siwicki at the same time and have learned to shut the pair of young’uns down.

Stay Classy FC vs Grass Kickers
Fishin’ goalie Mark Tomiak stepped back between the pipes to help out a Kickers team short their regular netminder for the fourth time this year. After an impressive game against Team Blue, he may have been out of steam as the News Crew scored lucky number 7 against him for the second time this year. Unfortunately for Tomiak, the Grass Kickers were unable to equal the feat, able to put only 2 to the back of the net. The Grass Kickers are a team who just haven’t quite lived up to potential this year, but don’t count them as down and out just yet!

Week 7

May 28, 2018

Grass Kickers vs The Plastics
After last week’s soul crushing tie, the Plastics came out full on Mean Girl to take a W* against the Grass Kickers who were short their netminder this week. With a few players missing, the Ladies requested a couple of spares, and it seems they did more in one game than the team does most weeks, picking up 4 goals and an assist between the pair. With the loss, the Grass Kickers remain the lone basement dwellers of the league.

Yellow Cards vs Team Blue
Rookie Alex Palmer (who shone so bright in the GWLHL) has finally hit the back of the net in the MISL after a tip from captain Chris Gesell that ‘soccer is just like hockey’. This game was closer than the score lets on for much of the game, as the Yellow Cards presented more of a challenge than the redshirts expected as Mark Beyer hit the net for the first time this season, and twice at that!

Les Bleus vs The Wolfpack
Wolf-eared captain Andrew Lee celebrated his birthday with a loss to a Les Bleus team driven hard by their captains. Alex Gravenor and Scott Van Hellemond combined for a total of 9 points to outshine the silverbacks. The Wolfpack were once again dealing with a short bench, a situation they seem to be in a lot. Hopefully the pack can increase their ranks as the season goes on.

Fishin’ in the Dark vs Kandy Krush
The Dark has proven they are a force to be reckoned with as they Krush the Kandies, who seem to be faltering after racing out of the gates earlier this season. For what initially seemed like a bit of a rag-tag bunch, the Fishermen show they can reel in the wins as good as any as they continue to fly under the radar and slowly climb the ranks.

Stay Classy FC vs All the Right Mauves
The Mauves were unable to match their dying seconds tie of last week as they fall to the News Crew. Karen Morris picked up her first point of the season, and it was a slick one as Purple goalie Mirzet Alekic was putting all the Mauves on Gaetan Infantino, leaving Karen a wide open net and she capitalized! This match was a grueling back-and-forth the whole time and left the Mauves with all the wrong, bitter taste of defeat.

Week 6

May 22, 2018

Les Bleus vs Stay Classy FC
Stay Classy FC has proven for the second time this season that the team is lost without Gaetan Infantino. While a decrease in scoring was semi-expected with his absence, the complete collapse of defense is somewhat surprising. Les Bleus was able to take full advantage of this and blew a half dozen by Dan Nichols. Bleus co-captain Alex Gravenor doubled up on her rookie year (2017) goals with her second of the season, which she took unassisted to the back of the net.

The Wolfpack vs Yellow Cards
The Wolfpack stunned the Yellow Cards in a victory that got them out of the basement, and tied them up in the standings with their aggressive adversaries. The Pack’s Ashley Kletke continues to prove that she is a force, cracking the double-digit mark in points. Convener Dan Desrosiers also surprised himself as well as the Card’s Salim Tourabaly with a shot square in the nose. Not to be outshone, Dan’s 2017 co-convener Steph Fraser put one to the back of the net... her own...

All the Right Mauves vs The Plastics
Heroics abound with a 7.2s remaining goal to tie up the game by the Mauves. The Plastics had looked to have their third win in the bag until it was snatched from their grasp in a rather rude manner. Once again, Mauve was in need of some girl spares, and they seem to be missing Alyssa Vergata on the score sheet, which the Plastics definitely took advantage by keeping the Mauve offense to a minimum; however that pesky Jordan Lomonaco couldn’t just let things be. He's going to go in the Burn Book for sure.

Fishin’ in the Dark vs Grass Kickers
The Grass Kickers show for the third week in a row that they are here to play, but ultimately were unable to rise above the Dark cloud. Green Machine co-captain Sam Miller stepped up her game to assist a couple of goals as she tried to fire up her team’s offense now that their defence has solidified. And true to form, Jared Kukelko hit the scorecard again and once again proves to be “good for a point a game” as the Fishers try to spread their offense around. Unfortunately, the Fishers are also feisty, as Jean Fillion is now the second player on that team with two yellow cards on the season.

Kandy Krush FC vs Team Blue
Team Blue becomes the first team in the 2018 season to have every active player earn at least one point (we are excluding Daniel Chukwuma who went out in the second game of the year with a potentially season-ending injury). Unfortunately, they again prove to be overly reliant on striker Salman Riyaz, who if he were his own team would be tied for first place in terms of “goals for”, and now has more goals scored than the next two scorers combined. The Krush were without (k)Andy Kenyon this week, limiting their offence, but their defence was able to keep Blue down to “only” four goals. Andy’s absence allowed the rookies to shine as Paolo Medina hit the net for the second time this year and Kim Kim Ly picked up her first assist.

Playoffs Change

May 14, 2018

Note that the final game of the regular season has been converted to a quarterfinals week.

Week 5

May 11, 2018

All the Right Mauves vs Fishin’ in the Dark
With Jess Galli having to bow out of the league, Martha Corbin away, and Alyssa Vergata globe-trotting (aka auditing in Ireland), purple had to resort to bringing in All the Right spares. Welcome to the league Nina Bryk and welcome back Tracey Miller (who got an assist, BTW). Mike Siwicki got his groove back (with noticeably better tied shoes!) and made it back onto the score sheet this week against a team that refuses to just give up and go fishing. Mark Tomiak kept his cool this week and avoided a third yellow card of the year, and has solidified himself as top offensive goalie, picking up his 5th assist, while Sean Brokop maintained his every-game-this-season point streak with his 10th goal.

Kandy Krush FC vs Yellow Cards
Andy Kenyon returns to the familiar role of set-up man, helping Andreas Bergen pick up his first goal of the season in a match that was at one point 3-0 for the Krush. That quickly changed thanks to the return of Yellowcards’ Kyle Kusiak, with rookie Maja Prokopenko picking up her first assist as the Cards worked feverishly to tie things up. Krush rookies Sean Seavers and Paolo Medina also both hit the back of the net for the first time, with Paolo’s late game goal being the difference maker of the match.

Grass Kickers vs Team Blue
Fresh off their first win last week, the Grass Kickers came out hungry for victory number two against top ranked Team Blue. Considering the Kickers were averaging a lowly 1.5 goals per game compared to an impressive 9.25 boasted by the “real” blue team, this game ended up being surprisingly competitive and surprisingly close. Kickers netminder Adam Bergen stepped up big, even stopping a penalty shot from Salman Riyaz, who netted GWLMISL career goal 300 in the match.

Stay Classy FC vs The Wolfpack
The Pack has a new leader in Ashley Kletke who picked up another two points this week to lead her team with 8 and be the only female player in the league to crack the top 15. Unfortunately the wolves were no match for the news crew as Udoka Umeh and Gaetan Infantino once again show what a dynamic duo they can be, earning 10 points between the two of them as they beat up on injured Joey Reuther.

Les Bleus vs The Plastics
Is it a boy or a girl? Blue and pink square off in a winner reveal party. The Plastics were without Mitchell Link yet again (does this guy even play?), and Les Bleus needed to bring in Alexa Simpson to spare in a match that looked destined to end with a tie. After clawing their way back from a 2 goal deficit, Les Bleus were left crying like babies as The Plastics came out by a head with 0.2 seconds left in the game. Rookie Jeremy Muzyka picked a great time to score his first goal and left the whole Plastics team grinning like new dads.

Week 4

May 3, 2018

All the Right Mauves vs Team Blue
The night kicked off with two unbeaten teams vying for top spot. This match definitely had some heat with tonnes of whistles as the Purps really wanted to take down Salman Riyaz and secure Jordy Lomonaco as the next big thing. Unfortunately none of the Mauves were working and new man to Blue Alex “AA” Anspikian (subbing for injured Daniel Chukwuma) made an impact both on D and by picking up an assist. Congrats go out to Rhys DeGrave who not only got to show off to the wife and kids (“go daddy!”), but also hit career goal 50 (and only took 136 games)! Pro Tip to Siwicki: you’ll get better ball control with properly tied shoes.

Fishin’ in the Dark vs Les Bleus
The French Revolution jumped out to a commanding 6-0 lead in this game, and looked to have a strangle hold on a victory... until the Dark staged a revolt of their own. Solo Fishin’ captain Janelle Pierce riled up her team by reminding them that the Winnipeg Jets were able to overcome a 3-0 deficit the night before and apparently that was enough said. Hockey fanatic Sean Brokop really took the motivation to heart and rattled off 3 quick pucks-to-the-back-of-the-net and didn’t let up an inch until the final buzzer sounded. IA Stats: Tomiak claims 3 of the 6 Les Bleus goals were “weak” (does 50% indicate adequate control?), and got into a shoving match with rookie Trevor Panchyshyn, earning him a second yellow card of the season.

Yellow Cards vs Stay Classy FC
Needing a bounce back after last week’s trouncing, Stay Classy FC hit the turf with a win on the brain. Realizing the strategy of relying on Gaetan Infantino and Udoka Umeh clearly wasn’t working, the “nicest guy in the league” Jay Choi set up rookie Lateefah Makanjuola, earning the pair their first points ever! Captain Jon “Tintin” Harder was much calmer after this week’s game, much to Cathy Duong’s relief! With the Card’s infamous Kyle Kusiak out this week, (CT) Thomas Lai had to step it up and pop a ball just past Dan Nichols to hit a corner.

The Plastics vs The Wolfpack
Pink was without top scorer Mitchell Link and netminder Ryan Wood this week, as they both traded in turf for ice and headed to Ottawa to compete at the McFeetor’s Cup. Unfortunately this left the Mean Girls exposed to a dangerous Wolfpack, hungry for their first win. She-wolf Ashley Kletke proved that she can play up front just as well as defense and potted a mittful (pawful?). Adam Conci also made an on field appearance for the first time this season, taking warm up with the team. Methinks he might be taking the new dress code a little too far, wearing jeans on the field.

Grass Kickers vs Kandy Krush FC
Not to be left in the basement after a Wolfpack victory, the Grass Kickers turned it up a notch in the final match of the night. Only just solidifying their defence last week, it seems the Grass Kickers took little time to gel as a full team as they effectively shut down the Krush. With four players from last season’s top 15, the Kandies were heavily favoured heading in, so the Kickers’ victory tasted that much sweeter.

Week 3

Apr 30, 2018

Week 3 brought us some interesting head to head matches in what we hoped would result in some epic showdowns...

Yellow Card vs Grass Kickers
Battle of the roomies: Steph Fraser and Sam Miller go head to head. The Grass Kickers got back regular net minder Adam Bergen, moving Damian Reinberg back up the field. The move paid off in that the Kickers doubled their previous goals per game average in the match, but ultimately fell short to a strong Yellow Cards team. True to the name, the Yellow Cards finally received their first yellow card, suffered by Fraser herself.

The Plastics vs Stay Classy FC
Battle of the new jerseys: Pink vs Burgundy. The Mean Girls ran up the score on a burgundy team missing Sports Anchor Gaetan Infantino. Mitchell Link potted another hat trick for the Pink Ladies, and co-captain Vivek Maharajh finally hit the back of the net. Sadly, the Channel 4 News Team seemed to flounder and not even Udoka Umeh’s fancy feet could not get something going. Is it time to send them back to the desk?

The Wolfpack vs Fishin’ in the Dark
Battle of the beards: Danny D tries to live up to the legendary Jean Fillion. But let’s be honest, can anyone pull off facial hair like the Fisherman can? Clearly not. IA stats: 2 goals against for Tomiak, and he picked up assists 2 and 3 of the season. Maybe betting against him wasn’t such a good idea?

Les Bleus vs The Blue Team
Battle of the Blues: who can call themselves the “real blue team”? This match was confusing with the all the “go blue” going on, but ultimately, it was more of a crushing blue wave than a battle royal-blue. The Blue Team’s goal tender Roger Reid showed that as a rookie, he’s definitely up to the task of holding off attacks and making great saves.

Kandy Krush vs All the right Mauves
Battle of the top: who’s gonna crumble under the pressure? After the first two weeks only two teams had perfect records, and that just HAD to come to a kandy crushing halt at some point. What was expected to be a close and competitive game, sadly just wasn’t as purple brought all the mauves out on defense and essentially shut down one of the hottest players in the league in Andy Kenyon, who managed only a meagre assist.

Week 2

Apr 19, 2018

PSA: We’ve had our first (and hopefully only!) major injury of the season. While many injuries are fluke accidents, some are totally avoidable. So this is just a friendly reminder to stay safe out there on the field!

To kick the night off, the Pack were short their goalie this week, leaving the team to the proverbial Wolves as defenseman Gurmuhk Roopra had to step back to mind the net. The dogs tried in vain to claw their way out of the basement, and rookie Lanre Adebayo showed he has what it takes to run in this league, but in the end Team Blue’s red hot strikers slammed the door to the kennel. The match wasn’t all fun and games though, as an awkward collision sent Daniel Chukwuma to hospital with a broken tibia.

4 former 2017 Aquaholics Championship teammates squared off against each other for what can only be described as anything but an epic battle. Co-captains Alyssa and Siwicki once again brought All their Right Mauves to the field and handed out a Grass Kicking at its finest. Self proclaimed “top 5 draft pick for sure”, tie-wearing rookie Jordan Lomonaco once again hit the score sheet and proved that he might just be more than all talk. The Grass Kickers get their drafted net minder Adam Bergen back next week, so look for them to move substitute goalie Damian Reinberg back up the field for added striker strength.

Nothing classy here as the Anchorcrew went Fishin’ in the Dark and came up with yet another tie game. This match was grindy, with penalties by both teams and a called “no goal” on what was deemed a slide kick by attacker Gaetan Infantino. The Fishermen started strong by popping a few past Dan Nichols but Udoka Umeh was able to capitalize on his fancy dancing to tie things up and the match was pretty even from then on. For those in IA keeping track, Tomiak let by 7 goals and incurred a penalty for using his mitts outside the crease.

Les Bleus proved no match for the Krush Rush. With two dominating wins, and the highest concentration of number nerds, this team proves that pencil pushers come to play! Kandy co-captain Kenyon seems to have upped his game this year as well as he’s at nearly half of his total points from 2017 already. Les Bleus is looking for the return of their captains next week to lift their blue spirits and bring them back to their winning ways.

While the field looked like a bouquet of flowers, it certainly didn’t smell like one by the time the final game rolled around. True to crazy Kusiak form, Plastics captain Selena Leung got run down in the box and a penalty shot was awarded. In attempts to champion his leading lady, Vivek Maharajh stepped up to the line, before realizing Selena is perfectly capable of taking the shot herself (and likely more qualified, TBH). Otherwise the Cards showed that sometimes you need to carry more than just Plastic.

Week 1

Apr 12, 2018

To kick off the 2018 season, Ron Burgundy and his Channel 4 News Team (Stay Classy FC) took on Team Blue in the red jerseys with the yellow pinnies (talk about a colour complex!). With last year’s breakout rookie Gaetan up against veteran fieldrunner Sal, you knew things would start with a bang, and these two teams finished locked in a stunning 9-9 tie! While this huge amount of scores didn’t trickle through the remaining games, the pace of play proved that “yogging” (I’m pretty sure it’s a soft “j”) is much more than a fad.

The Wolfpack (ah-oooooo) tried their best to level up against Kandy Krush FC, but the sweet treats avoided being eaten by the dogs. Back in the league after a hiatus is the Pack’s tender Joey Reuther. Expect him to dust the rust off and step up his game as the season progresses.

The battle between the surf and the turf saw a patriotic Les Bleus wash away the Grass Kickers and grind them into the dirt they grew from. Don’t let the French victory fool you, the turf were without their veteran keeper Adam Bergen and between two backups held the blue tide to only 3 goals.

In a game that just looked like a dish of licorice allsorts, the “on Wednesdays we wear pink” Plastics snubbed their noses at the whole concept of Fishing, let alone in the Dark. But Filly and his team of fishermen stood up to the Mean Girls and showed them just how much fun the dark can be. For those of you in Internal Audit keeping tabs on the Dark’s fiery keeper, he let in 3. And while Tomiak can be heard discussing his “weak controls”, we can assure you that these 3 goals a) occurred and b) were recorded in the proper periods.

The week’s final match up saw a purple squad bringing All their Right Mauves against a team already expecting to be penalized by Yellow Cards. Last year’s champion captain pairing combined again and put their best cleated foot forward in a bid to repeat.

League Kickoff

Apr 11, 2018

First games of the season start tonight.
Stay tuned for updates!

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