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Jul 11, 2019

Our first quarter-final featured the top-seeded Panda Express and the last-ranked Grenouilles Sauvages. The match would appear lop-sided as the Express entered the match sporting the greatest regular season win-percentage in the GWLMISL stat-tracked era. However, lop-sided it was not as the Green gang kept things close, staying within a couple goals for the majority of the match while creating the bulk of the goal-scoring chances. The scoresheet ended littered with the name of Black’s leading scorer, Kyle Kusiak, as he notched a hat-trick to go with a first-half yellow card for ordering take-out frog legs, while Adam Bergen notched his first goal of the season at just the right time, contributing to the final score of 5-2. For Les Grenouilles, this marks the end of a tough injury-filled season and the start of an off-season of rehabbing in preparation for 2020.

2nd seed Yolks on You squared off against Can We Kick It in the second quarter-final of the evening in another tilted matchup as the total season score between these teams ended in favor of the Eggs 18-6. Unfortunately that trend would continue as the Yolks took advantage of Pink’s short bench with a final score of 9-2. Goals came from diverse sources as joint-leading female goal-scorer this season Megan Stanick took the lead in that category by potting her first GWLMISL hat-trick, and Keith Morris opened his 2019 goal-scoring account with a tally of his own.

The primetime matchups began with 3rd vs 6th as Spray Tanchester United took on Gandalf’s Goonies in a matchup seen only once this season. That match had ended 6-5 on a final-minute tie-breaker, suggesting the viewers would be in for a nail-biter, and that did not disappoint. A fiercely defensive matchup remained scoreless at half-time until the Oranje’s Vladas Tvaskis broke the tie. With less than 10 minutes left however, Goonie Kelsey Hingey tied the match up as she roofed her first GWLMISL goal, followed a few minutes later by a Grey go-ahead goal by Maxim Kotov, his second of the season in as many matches. With 3 minutes left however the wizards hit their 5 foul limit, breathing new life into the GTL crew as they would spend all but the last 45 seconds of the game on a powerplay. While they provided incessant pressure, they would not find the back of the net. Orange must now find the right way to break the news to out-of-continent star defender Andrew Lee, while Gandalf’s Goonies must now prepare for yet another difficult matchup against Yolks on You in the semifinals.

The final game saw a 4th vs 5th battle for the right to face the top seed next week, as the Dream Team went up against their victors from last week, Blue Steel, this time without top scorer Kevin Tuyisenge. Another hard-fought and constantly close matchup, these teams tested their goal-tenders heavily and often. Looking to overcome their key absences, Burgundy found scoring from alternate sources as Patrick Barbaro scored his first GWLMISL goal to get his team on the board. It wouldn’t be enough however as Blue’s captain and leading scorer, Sean Seavers, collected a hat-trick thanks to an open-net goal while Dreamers keeper Mike Siwicki wandered out of his crease to take charge of his team’s offense. Blue Steel would ultimately seal things up despite the Dream Team’s furious late push and end the game 5-3 to punch their ticket to the semi-finals.

Week #13 - Recap

Jul 5, 2019

The 13th regular season of GWLMISL wrapped up with a bang as teams scrapped with significant playoff consequences. The first game of the night was a re-match of Week 7’s hotly contested upset between Yolks on You and Gandalf’s Goonies. Despite Gandalf’s victory in the prior matchup, the Yolks were still widely favored to level the series given their offense’s continued success and the Goonies’ six game winless skid combined with the absence of starting goalie Vlad Dumitrescu. None of these factors could overcome good old-fashioned hard work and positive attitudes as the wizards came out flying to a 4-2 lead and closed out a 5-4 victory. The usual suspects carried the bulk of the load on the stat sheet for the Eggcentric ones, while the Greys enjoyed diverse contribution as Gabrielle Douchant sniped the first goal of her GWLMISL career, and Maxim Kotov potted the first of his shortened season. The Goonies may have also found their much-needed secondary scorer as Chipwanya Banda is now riding his first goal-scoring streak after another outstanding solo effort. Meanwhile, future captains will be taking note of Andy Chan’s sparkling 1.00 win percentage as a goaltender after facing a team that averages 6 goals per game.

The second match featured les Grenouilles Sauvages, looking for momentum heading into the playoffs while up against a largely depleted Spray Tanchester United team looking to cement their grip on 3rd place. Missing their 2 of their top 3 scorers, this would prove to be a task to tall for the GTL squad as a tight tie was broken in the final 10 seconds of the game by well-known fan of the show, Mulinde M’Hango. This of course would not have been possible without yet another career first as Monica Rosset potted the Hoppers’ all-important 3rd goal in a 4-3 victory. Don’t look now but Gang Green seems to have gotten healthy just in time for playoffs and are on their season’s first loss-less streak.

In a somewhat less important match, Panda Express hosted Can We Kick It in a battle for pride and injury avoidance. The match started off competitive but steadily became ugly as captain Gordon Yestrau would be shown a yellow card in the first half, and Kyle Kusiak would proceed to pad his stats with 5 goals in garbage-time. Most on-lookers blame Pauline Pitman as she masterfully crafted an easy opportunity to set up Kusiak’s 4th goal, notching the first point of her GWLMISL career in the process. Glen Jewsbury’s ability to allow only two goals would prove pivotal by the end of the night.

Due to the results of the prior games, the final match became a must-watch as the Dream Team and Blue Steel would battle each-other with the power to decide what the 3 vs 6 and 4 vs 5 matchups would look like next week. With both squads set to feature in these matchups, the contest was sure to be closely contested. The match remained a one-goal affair as the teams went back and forth until late in the 2nd half when the Blue’s stone-cold killer, Maja Prokopenko, smoothly placed her shot into the far corner of Burgundy’s net. Dreamy goaltender Mike Siwicki sprawled but could not get enough on it as he slowly watched the ball trickle in and his top-goaltender title trickle away. The new-found 3-1 lead would not last long however, as Alyssa Vergata’s effort off the post would find Devin Antymniuk’s head to bring the match to within one goal. With less than 3 minutes to tie the game however, the Steelies sealed the deal and clinched 5th place, ensuring a rematch in the quarterfinals next week. With Maja’s goal, rookie goaltender Mike Siwicki is now forced to share the title of best GAA this season with rookie goaltender Glen Jewsbury.

Week #12 - Postgame Report

Jun 27, 2019

Top 5 Karaoke Performers Last Night

1. Abby and Ashley – Multiple amazing performances last night.
2. Gabby – That shallow performance was the best of the bunch.
3. Kevin / Ramogi / Udoka – Those guys know how to command the stage and get people dancing.
4. Fraser – The voice of an angel.
5. Viv – Purely based on volume.

Honorable mention – Danny D and Mackay. That performance of No Diggity!

Karaoke night

Jun 21, 2019

The GWLMISL annual Canada Day Karaoke night is coming up! After the games are over at Canlan on Wednesday, June 26, head over to the Limelight karaoke Tavern at 531 St.Mary's Rd. Looking forward to seeing everyone out!

Week #11 - Postgame Report

Jun 21, 2019

Game #3: Spray Tanchester United vs. Panda Express

Winner Winner Chicken Pad Thai Dinner – Team STU is the first team to serve the Panda Express their first loss with Black’s performance looking like a 2-year old trying to learn to use Chop Sticks. The match quickly got out of hand with Orange securing 3 goals early in the first half with a final score of 6-1. Ironically, team Black was missing their points leader Harun Kibirige to a meditation retreat, the same game TanU put on a demonstration of a pure-balanced yin yang game, performing strong on both defense and offense. The game was surely a wake-up for both teams on what they’ll need to bring to playoffs in just three short weeks!

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