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Remaining Games and Windup Cancelled

Mar 13, 2020

With the continuing spread of the Coronavirus and given the direction sent out by HR today to cancel all social events we have no choice but to cancel tonight's Wild Wing Bowl, next week's Semi-Finals/Final and the league windup. This is incredibly disappointing given how close we are to the end of the season but for the health and safety of everyone involved this is the right decision. Depending on how the Coronavirus situation plays itself out the league is still hopeful that perhaps we will be able to bank our remaining ice times with Canlan and play out the remaining Semi-Finals and Final at a later date rather than leaving the season hanging like this.

We'll keep everyone posted on any further developments and we will be in contact next week to announce this year's Ken Richardson winner, Hall of Fame Inductee(s), etc.

Thanks to everyone for a great season regardless how it ends up!

Semi-Finals Set

Mar 13, 2020

It was a wild and crazy quarter-final round of play that ended last night with huge upsets on both sides of the bracket with both #1 seeds falling to the #4 seeds. On Wednesday Pool B #4 seed Teal played giant killer against Pool A #1 seed White with an impressive 7-2 win booking their spot in the semis. Joining them in the semi-finals was Pool B #2 seed Yellow who came away with a 6-1 win vs. Pool A #3 seed Orange.

On Thursday Pool A #2 seed Green did what Green does and stayed undefeated coming away with a grinding 3-0 win over Pool B #3 seed Blue. Green led the league in fewest goals against this year by a wide margin but this was their first shutout of the season. Joining Green in the 2nd semi-final is Pool A #4 seed Purple who came away with the 2nd big upset of the quarter-final round with a 3-0 shutout win over Pool B #1 seed Black. So both #2 and #4 seeds advance to the semis to face each other.

Semi-Final 1: Teal @ Yellow
Semi-Final 2: Purple @ Green

Final Round Robin Standings

Mar 5, 2020

Pool A
1. White43017
2. Green43017
3. Orange42204
4. Purple41302
5. Grey40400

*White finishes 1st in Pool A over Green by virtue of the fewest goals against (vs. all teams) tiebreaker. The final spot in the quarter-finals will go to the winner of the Grey vs. Purple game on Friday March 6th. If the game ends tied Purple will take 4th place by way of the goal differential tiebreaker (currently -7 vs. -8) as both teams have the same goals against (11) through their first 3 games.

Pool B
1. Black43106
2. Yellow43106
3. Blue43106
4. Teal41302
5. Red40400

*Black wins the 3-way tiebreaker over Blue and Yellow by virtue of the fewest goals against (vs. tied teams) tiebreaker (5 to 8 to 8) and finishes 1st in Pool B. Yellow finishes 2nd as a result of their head to head win over Blue.

Note that Grey starts the playoffs with a bye in round robin week 1 while Blue plays twice. Blue will have a bye in week 2 while Purple plays twice. In Week 3 Purple has the bye while Red plays twice. In week 4 Red has the bye while Grey plays twice.

Tie-breaking Formula:
In case of a tie the following tie-breaking rules will be used in the playoffs:

Between two or more teams:

1. Best record in head-to-head games among the tied teams.
2. Most wins (overall vs all teams).
3. Fewest goals against (vs tied teams).
4. Fewest goals against (vs all teams).
5. Largest goal differential – Maximum goal differential in any game will be 5.
6. Team with best record in regular season.

Note: If there are still teams tied after a step (no single team is advanced), only the tied teams from that step move on to the next step of the procedure. This process continues until there is only 1 team remaining. In the case of 3 way ties, once 1st place has been decided the remaining 2 teams go back to step 1 to decide 2nd and 3rd place so in most cases the winner of the head to head would finish 2nd and the loser finishes 3rd.

Round Robin Winding Down

Mar 2, 2020

With 3 of 4 week's worth of round robin games now in the books we're starting to see some clarity heading into next week's quarter-final round but much is still left to be decided.

The only spot 100% clinched as of the end of week 3 is, unfortunately for them, Red's spot in 5th place in Pool B after finishing their round robin schedule with an 0-4 record after going 0-2 last week with losses to Yellow and Blue sealing their fate in the Wild Wing Bowl next week on Friday the 13th. Scary stuff.

In Pool A we know White and Green will finish 1st and 2nd but the order will come down to their game Wednesday at 5:50. White holds the fewest goals against tiebreaker over Green so a win or tie by White will clinch first in Pool A while the still undefeated Green needs the win to secure 1st.

Also on Wednesday, Orange can clinch 3rd place with a win over Grey. However, if Grey were to beat Orange that opens up the possibility of a 3 way tie between Grey, Purple and Orange if Purple beats Grey on Friday. If Orange does pick up the win the final spot in the quarters will be decided by the Grey vs. Purple game on Friday. So basically almost nothing's been decided yet in Pool A.

In Pool B there is also the possibility of a 3 way tie at the top if Blue were to defeat Teal and Black were to defeat Yellow on Thursday. Yellow controls their own fate here as a win or tie against Black would seal 1st for them. Also, if Teal beats Blue and Yellow beats Black then we'd have a 3 way tie at 2-2-0 between Blue, Black, and Teal.

Better brush up on that tiebreaker formula. Fun times.

Get Your New CLHL Branded Apparel!

Feb 10, 2020

For the first time since the 2017-2018 season Harv-Al sportswear and the CLHL have teamed up to bring you the opportunity to purchase league branded apparel, with our brand new logo to boot! The store will be open at the following link until Sunday Feb 23rd at midnight so don't delay. Orders should be ready about 2 weeks after the order deadline date.

Sale is now over.

Final Regular Season Standings (with official tiebreakers)

Jan 31, 2020

Since the league website uses total wins and goal differential as the 1st and 2nd tiebreakers here are the standings based on the official CLHL tie-breaking formula noted below with head to head record being the first tiebreaker.

Final standings have now been updated.

1. Green18120630
2. Yellow18144028
3. Black18105323
4. White1895422
5. Orange1888218
6. Teal18510313
7. Blue18510313
8. Grey18511212
9. Red18512111
10. Purple18513010


Pool A:

A1: Green
A2: White
A3: Orange
A4: Grey
A5: Purple

Pool B:
B1: Yellow
B2: Black
B3: Teal
B4: Blue
B5: Red


Teal holds the tiebreaker over Blue by virtue of their 1-0-1 head to head record.

2020 Playoff Format & Information

Jan 24, 2020

With just 2 weeks left in the regular season after today and the playoffs just around the corner it's time to remind everyone of the playoff format and rules we'll be using this year (i.e. same as last year).

Playoff Pools (Round Robin runs Feb 12th to March 6th):

Pool A: 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 10th
Pool B: 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 9th

In order to make the round robin schedule work with 10 teams one team each week will have to play 2 games and one team each week will not play (i.e. they’ll have a bye). The team playing twice in the week will always play the Wednesday 4:40 game as well as the Friday game to make sure they have the maximum amount of time between games. The byes have been scheduled so that whichever team plays twice in a week (in round robin weeks 1-3) will get a bye the following week (this is not the case in round robin week 4 however as everyone plays the following week). Only 4 out of 10 teams will have to play this type of schedule while the other 6 will just play once a week for 4 weeks. Which 4 teams you ask? That would be the 4 at the bottom of the regular season standings (7th to 10th place).

Quarter-Finals & 'Relegation' Game (March 11th to 13th):
A quarter-final round follows the week after the round robin. The top 4 teams in each pool from the round robin will cross over (1st vs. 4th & 2nd vs. 3rd) and play the quarter-finals on Wednesday & Thursday while the 5th place teams from each pool will face off in a relegation game on Friday to determine who is not dead last. This relegation game will be known as “The Wild Wing Bowl”, with both teams enjoying some delicious Wild Wing treats after the game courtesy of our March vouchers.

Quarter-Final #1 (March 11th at 4:40): 2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool A
Quarter-Final #2 (March 11th at 5:50): 1st Pool A vs 4th Pool B
Quarter-Final #3 (March 12th at 4:40): 2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B
Quarter-Final #4 (March 12th at 5:50): 1st Pool B vs 4th Pool A
The Wild Wing Bowl (March 13th at 5:20): 5th Pool A vs 5th Pool B

Semi-Finals (March 18th):
Semi-Final #1 (March 18th at 4:40): Winner QF #3 vs Winner QF #4
Semi-Final #2 (March 18th at 5:50): Winner QF #1 vs Winner QF #2

Final (March 19th at 5:00): Winner SF #1 vs Winner SF #2

*Note that for the Quarters, Semis, and Final the team seeded higher based on round robin standings will be designated as the Home team.

Tie-breaking Formula:
In case of a tie the following tie-breaking rules will be used in both the regular season and playoffs:

Between two or more teams:

1. Best record in head-to-head games among the tied teams.
2. Most wins (overall vs all teams)
3. Fewest goals against (vs tied teams)
4. Fewest goals against (vs all teams)
5. Largest goal differential – Maximum goal differential in any game will be 5
6a. If determining regular season standings – flip a coin
6b. If determining round robin playoff standings – team with best record in regular season

Note: If there are still teams tied after a step (no single team is advanced), only the tied teams from that step move on to the next step of the procedure. This process continues until there is only 1 team remaining.

Overtime Rules:

Round Robin:

There is no overtime in the round robin, games can end in ties.

Quarters & Semis:

1. The format for overtime will be a 3 on 3, sudden death.
2. The overtime period will be stop time, and a maximum of 5 minutes long.
3. Be ready to play immediately after regulation time because we want to get overtime going as soon as possible. Any team attempting to delay the start of overtime may be assessed a Minor penalty for Delay of Game.
4. Normal player changes will be allowed on the fly and at stoppages.
5. If a penalty occurs in overtime (or if there is an unexpired penalty carried over from the third period) the non-offending Team will play with 4 skaters and a Goaltender, and the offending Team will play with 3 skaters and a Goaltender. When the offending Teams penalty expires, the penalized Player is permitted to rejoin the play which may result in temporary 4 on 4 play. At the first stoppage following the expiration of the penalty, Teams will revert to 3 skaters and a Goaltender.
6. If the game is still tied after the 5 minutes, then a shoot-out will occur.


Should the game remain tied following the conclusion of the overtime period, a shoot-out will be conducted to determine a winner. For the shoot-out, the following rules/items will be applicable:

1. Goalies will both use/defend the same net (use net nearest fan viewing area)
2. 3 shooters per Team (team with most goals after 3 shooters wins)
3. Any penalty in the overtime period, that has not expired, will eliminate the penalized player from shoot-out participation.
4. The home team (i.e. the higher seeded team) gets choice to shoot first or shoot last.
5. Once a Player has shot, they shall move to the side of the rink opposite the Players bench.
6. Referees use Hockey Canada/USA Hockey procedures for penalty shot.
7. If the game remains tied following the first three shooters, a sudden death shoot-out will decide the game winner (i.e. one Team scores, the other does not). Every eligible Player on must shoot once before any player on that team can shoot again.
8. In cases of an extended shoot-out and the number of shooters on each team is not equal, the following would apply... Once all players on the team with the least number of players have shot once, and the game is still tied, the players on that team are eligible to shoot again. Once players on one team start taking their 2nd shots, then the players on the other team can start taking their 2nd shots too (this means some players on a team that has more players than their opponents team may not end up shooting at all).

Final Overtime Format:

Since we have a double ice time booked for the final and have the extra time we will use the following overtime format:
1. 5 minutes of 5 on 5; then
2. 5 minutes of 4 on 4; then
3. 3 on 3 until a goal is scored

Greg Martin Crosses 900 Games Played Milestone!

Jan 22, 2020

Doing what he always does, last week Greg Martin played in 2 games which happened to be the 900th and 901st of his storied HOF career. It seems like just yesterday that I was writing an article on Greg's 800th game played but in fact it was 2 short years ago in January 2018. I couldn't believe it myself but you read that right, in the span of just two years Greg played another 100 games to add to his seemingly insurmountable lead in all times games played in the league. Not only is Greg the first CLHLer to reach the 900 games played mark but he's also the only one to have even played 800. There are only 3 other members of the 700 games played club with Gerry Boss at 750, Howie Wood at 733, and Ed Hunter at 714.

It should come as no surprise to anyone in the league that Greg has played so many games as he's the league's biggest 'yes man' when it comes to goalie subbing opportunities, playing 2-3 games seemingly every week. The ageless Martin only seems to be playing more as the years roll on as last year he played a whopping 49 games (what, couldn't get to 50 Greg, come on!), and the year before he played 44. This season he's already played 27 through 15 weeks so he is on pace to eclipse the 40 games played mark for the 3rd consecutive season.

Clearly Greg's love for the game and commitment to the league is second to none and coming from someone who's personally been bailed out by Greg on many occasions over the years when needing a spare goalie I want to thank Greg on behalf of the league for all those subbing opportunities he's said yes to over the years. The league wouldn't be the same without you!

- Reinhart

2020 Hockey Day in Canada

Jan 6, 2020

The tradition continues as once again the CLHL and CLWHL will be heading outdoors for the 16th annual 'Hockey Day in Canada' extravaganza! This year the festivities are scheduled to take place on Saturday January 11th, 2020 at The Norwood Community Center – located at 87 Walmer Street (behind the Santa Lucia on St. Mary’s, just over the Norwood Bridge).,-97.1312681,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x52ea76b3afe60999:0xc384d2cca26c9199!8m2!3d49.8794281!4d-97.1290794

The first game is scheduled to begin bright and early at 9:00am. The full CLHL schedule is as follows:

9:00am – Yellow vs. Teal
10:30am – Blue vs. Red
12:00pm – Orange vs. Black
1:30pm – Green vs. Purple
3:00pm – Grey vs. White

Dressing room assignments will be posted on the dressing room doors. As we will only have two dressing rooms for the men’s teams, please vacate the dressing room 15 minutes after your game so that the next teams playing have time to dress.
As usual, the day will include a beer gardens that is scheduled to be open throughout the day. Drink tickets will be $4 each and we will be ordering pizza for both the men's and women's league to enjoy free of charge. The first order of pizza will arrive around 11:20 with 2 additional waves of pizza arriving later in the day at around 1:15 and 2:30.

The current forecast looks blustery, calling for partly cloudy skies with temperatures of around -19C which will feel like -30C with the windchill and possibly a little snow. Keep your eyes on the forecast as I'm sure it'll change being this far out and come prepared for any weather as we never know what mother nature may bring.

Games will be 2 – 20 minutes running time halves, with stop time in the last minute of each half. Teams switch sides after the first half.

Looking forward to a great day with camaraderie shared by all.

- League Management.

Dan Lucovic Joins the 500 Point Club!

Jan 3, 2020

There's joining the 500 Point Club and then there's joining the 500 Point Club in style which is what Hall of Famer Dan Lucovic did last night with a 1G 4A performance against a usually very stingy Blue team. With his 5 point performance for the ages Dan became just the 22nd member of the exclusive club in his 20th season and 421st game in the league. Unfortunately for Dan and his Red teammates they came up just short in their comeback bid after falling behind 4-0 in the first period losing 8-6 which included an empty netter with just 4 seconds remaining. Congratulations to Dan on reaching this historic milestone!

Doug Ducharme Plays in 500th Career Game

Dec 5, 2019

When he stepped on the ice yesterday for Team White's game against Black Doug Ducharme became just the 14th player in league history to play in his 500th career game. When you consider the fact that well over 700 players have played in the league over the years it makes this accomplishment even more impressive. Over his 23 seasons in the league Doug has amassed 106 goals and 218 assists for 324 points with only 64 penalty minutes. That's an average of less than 1.5 minor penalties per season. League sources also say he's been a member of 3 championship teams over the course of his career. Unfortunately, team sources tell me Doug was held off the score-sheet in his big game and he and his Team White teammates had to settle for a 3-3 tie against Black. Here's hoping for better luck in game #600 Doug!

Craig Robb and Brian Boyd Reach 400 Points!

Dec 2, 2019

The last few weeks saw two CLHL veterans pick up their 400th career points. Perennial team captain Craig Robb of Team Orange fame picked up his 400th career point picking up the assist on Alex Palmer's late 3rd period game tying goal against Green on November 13th. Robb reached the impressive milestone in his 14th season in the league and 289th game.

Two weeks later on Nov 28th Brian Boyd of Teal picked up his 400th career point with a goal and an assist in Team Teal's 7-2 loss to Green. Boyd picked up his 400th point feeding prolific assist maker Sean Brokop on his first period goal. Brian reached the milestone in his 18th year in the league and 366th game with his family cheering him on from the sidelines.

Congratulations to Craig and Brian on their accomplishments becoming the 32nd and 33rd players in league history to reach the 400 point mark. Good luck to both of you on your journey to the exclusive 500 point club. Your highly coveted 500 Point Club commemorative pucks are waiting.

Team Green Converts Oldest 3 on 1 in CLHL History

Nov 29, 2019

Eyewitnesses looked on with gaping jaws in total disbelief as veteran Team Green trio Glen Garrioch, Randy Takeuchi, and Gerry Boss completed a super slow-motion 3 on 1 tick tack toe passing play that ended with Team Teal jocks littered all over the ice and the puck in the back of their net in Green’s 7-2 win in early game action last night. With the trio’s combined age of 175 and 74 years played in the league, CLHL statisticians responded with a resounding ‘yeah, probably’ when asked to confirm if this is the oldest converted 3 on 1 in league history. Nobody is quite sure how the F a 3 on 1 materialized with the average speed of the players in question being clocked somewhere between ‘glacial’ and ‘tectonic’ but somehow it happened. When questioned by the assembled media after the game on how they could let this happen Team Teal speedsters and leading scorers Sean Brokop and Jeremy Dick declined to comment citing a need to review the play on the game tape, hopefully on a screen that’s not susceptible to burn-in.

With the win Team Green continues its storybook start to the season remaining the league’s only undefeated team through the first 2 months of the season at 5-0-3. The hot start is quite the turn-around for Green Captains Grant and Waldner (along with 2018-19 Team Green holdovers Jajetovic & Grienke) who’s Team Green pathetically lost their final 10 games of the season last year after a promising 8-5 start. When asked to comment on his 4 point (2G 2A) performance last night, an always team first Grant simply replied, “2 points for the win” while Waldner wouldn’t shut up about his 5 point (3G 2A) fluke of a game. With Black’s huge 8-7 come from behind win over Yellow in the late game last night Green remains tied for 2nd overall with Black with both teams now just 1 point behind Yellow. However, Green still has a game in hand on both teams in the battle for the utterly meaningless 1st overall seed.

Black Escapes Week 7 with Wild 9-8 Win Over Teal

Nov 15, 2019

In what has been the highest scoring and most ridiculous WTF game of the season so far (especially since it didn't even involve Reggie), Black managed to hang on for a narrow 9-8 win over Teal after leading 9-3 with just over 8 minutes left in the 3rd period.

Leading the stat padding charge in this one was Team Black forward Chris Fadun with a ludicrous 5 goal 1 assist performance giving him 12G 5A on the season, good for 4th overall in league scoring. Not to be outdone, Teal D-man Kris Teerhuis had 5 goals himself (but sadly no assists) which doubled his season point total to 10. As if that wasn't enough Teal's Jeremy Dick had a 5 point game himself, although all 5 points were of the assist variety as reports are Jer can't score goals this year. Also, no word on how many of those assists were chiseled by Dick yelling 'From #12!' to the refs after every goal. Rounding out the scoring brigade, Teal's Sean Brokop had a paltry hat-trick and an assist for a quiet 4 point night and Black's D-man Ryan Wood also had a 4 point night chipping in with 4 helpers.

To sum up:
- 3 players had at least 5 points, including one 6 point game.
- 3 players had at least a hat trick, including two players with 5 goal games.
- 2 more players had 4 point nights.
- 2 goalies had seen better days.

Design the New CLHL Logo!

Nov 8, 2019

With the name change from Great-West Life Hockey League to Canada Life Hockey League this season we will also need a new logo to go along with the new name. The league has decided to give everyone the once in a lifetime opportunity to design a new logo to use going forward. The details are as follows:

1. For any player in the league that is interested in submitting a design, please submit your CLHL logo to Rick Wolfson, Reggie Goodfellow, Reinhart Waldner and Glen Garrioch. Please do not incorporate the new Canada Life logo or the words 'Canada Life' into your design. Using the letters 'CLHL' is OK though. Contest closes Friday November 22nd, 4pm.

2. Any canvas can be used (paper, Word, MS Paint, etc..)

3. The Commissioner and Conveners will then review the submissions and pick three finalists that we feel best represents the league.

4. The 3 finalist designs will then be circulated to all players in the league for a vote.

5. The new league logo will be unveiled at Hockey Day in Canada on January 11th, 2020.

6. A new set of jerseys with the new logo will be acquired at the end of the season to be used for 2020-2021 season and new jerseys will be purchased one or two sets at a time in future years with the new logo (budget permitting).

7. Designer of the new logo will win a $100 gift card of their choice.

Drop the Puck!

Oct 1, 2019

We're just over 24 hours away from our first games of the 2019-2020 CLHL season. The schedules and team rosters have been updated on the website now so you can look through those to see who and when you're playing. The first week's schedule is as follows:

Wed Oct 2:
4:40 Rink 2: Orange at Yellow
5:00 Rink 1: Green at Red (note the different start time and rink for weeks 1 & 2)

Thu Oct 3:
4:40 Rink 2: Teal at Purple
5:50 Rink 2: Black at White

Fri Oct 4:
5:20 Rink 3: Blue at Grey (note the different start time & rink for Friday games)

Good luck to everyone in week 1!

Registeration is now live!

Aug 14, 2019

Click here to register for the 2019-20 season:

Sept 9th UPDATE: This is the last week to register for the upcoming season as the registration deadline is Friday the 13th. If you still plan on playing this season time is running out so sign up now.

Aug 30th UPDATE: We're currently just a few players short of our minimum required for a 10 team league. If you're currently on the fence or know of anyone who wants to play in the league please sign up or have them sign up as soon as possible!

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