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2020-2021 Season Cancelled

Aug 18, 2020

With the COVID-19 pandemic showing no signs of slowing down we've unfortunately been forced to cancel the upcoming 2020-2021 CLHL season as all Social Club events and leagues have been cancelled through at least the remainder of 2020 and very likely longer depending on how long the pandemic lasts.

At this time we fully intend on being back for the 2021-2022 hockey season and league management have already confirmed with Canlan that despite not being able to play this year our regular ice times will be available to us when we return to play next year.

While this is incredibly disappointing and unfortunate news obviously the safety and well-being of everyone has to be our and the Company's top priority. I hope to see you all back on the ice next year.

It has also been decided (unilaterally by me) that since Team Green was undefeated during the 2019-2020 season the championship is rightfully theirs so please join me in congratulating Team Green on their epic championship win and becoming only the 2nd team in league history to go undefeated! [applause]

- Reinhart

Remaining Games and Windup Cancelled

Mar 13, 2020

With the continuing spread of the Coronavirus and given the direction sent out by HR today to cancel all social events we have no choice but to cancel tonight's Wild Wing Bowl, next week's Semi-Finals/Final and the league windup. This is incredibly disappointing given how close we are to the end of the season but for the health and safety of everyone involved this is the right decision. Depending on how the Coronavirus situation plays itself out the league is still hopeful that perhaps we will be able to bank our remaining ice times with Canlan and play out the remaining Semi-Finals and Final at a later date rather than leaving the season hanging like this.

We'll keep everyone posted on any further developments and we will be in contact next week to announce this year's Ken Richardson winner, Hall of Fame Inductee(s), etc.

Thanks to everyone for a great season regardless how it ends up!

Semi-Finals Set

Mar 13, 2020

It was a wild and crazy quarter-final round of play that ended last night with huge upsets on both sides of the bracket with both #1 seeds falling to the #4 seeds. On Wednesday Pool B #4 seed Teal played giant killer against Pool A #1 seed White with an impressive 7-2 win booking their spot in the semis. Joining them in the semi-finals was Pool B #2 seed Yellow who came away with a 6-1 win vs. Pool A #3 seed Orange.

On Thursday Pool A #2 seed Green did what Green does and stayed undefeated coming away with a grinding 3-0 win over Pool B #3 seed Blue. Green led the league in fewest goals against this year by a wide margin but this was their first shutout of the season. Joining Green in the 2nd semi-final is Pool A #4 seed Purple who came away with the 2nd big upset of the quarter-final round with a 3-0 shutout win over Pool B #1 seed Black. So both #2 and #4 seeds advance to the semis to face each other.

Semi-Final 1: Teal @ Yellow
Semi-Final 2: Purple @ Green

Final Round Robin Standings

Mar 5, 2020

Pool A
1. White43017
2. Green43017
3. Orange42204
4. Purple41302
5. Grey40400

*White finishes 1st in Pool A over Green by virtue of the fewest goals against (vs. all teams) tiebreaker. The final spot in the quarter-finals will go to the winner of the Grey vs. Purple game on Friday March 6th. If the game ends tied Purple will take 4th place by way of the goal differential tiebreaker (currently -7 vs. -8) as both teams have the same goals against (11) through their first 3 games.

Pool B
1. Black43106
2. Yellow43106
3. Blue43106
4. Teal41302
5. Red40400

*Black wins the 3-way tiebreaker over Blue and Yellow by virtue of the fewest goals against (vs. tied teams) tiebreaker (5 to 8 to 8) and finishes 1st in Pool B. Yellow finishes 2nd as a result of their head to head win over Blue.

Note that Grey starts the playoffs with a bye in round robin week 1 while Blue plays twice. Blue will have a bye in week 2 while Purple plays twice. In Week 3 Purple has the bye while Red plays twice. In week 4 Red has the bye while Grey plays twice.

Tie-breaking Formula:
In case of a tie the following tie-breaking rules will be used in the playoffs:

Between two or more teams:

1. Best record in head-to-head games among the tied teams.
2. Most wins (overall vs all teams).
3. Fewest goals against (vs tied teams).
4. Fewest goals against (vs all teams).
5. Largest goal differential – Maximum goal differential in any game will be 5.
6. Team with best record in regular season.

Note: If there are still teams tied after a step (no single team is advanced), only the tied teams from that step move on to the next step of the procedure. This process continues until there is only 1 team remaining. In the case of 3 way ties, once 1st place has been decided the remaining 2 teams go back to step 1 to decide 2nd and 3rd place so in most cases the winner of the head to head would finish 2nd and the loser finishes 3rd.

Round Robin Winding Down

Mar 2, 2020

With 3 of 4 week's worth of round robin games now in the books we're starting to see some clarity heading into next week's quarter-final round but much is still left to be decided.

The only spot 100% clinched as of the end of week 3 is, unfortunately for them, Red's spot in 5th place in Pool B after finishing their round robin schedule with an 0-4 record after going 0-2 last week with losses to Yellow and Blue sealing their fate in the Wild Wing Bowl next week on Friday the 13th. Scary stuff.

In Pool A we know White and Green will finish 1st and 2nd but the order will come down to their game Wednesday at 5:50. White holds the fewest goals against tiebreaker over Green so a win or tie by White will clinch first in Pool A while the still undefeated Green needs the win to secure 1st.

Also on Wednesday, Orange can clinch 3rd place with a win over Grey. However, if Grey were to beat Orange that opens up the possibility of a 3 way tie between Grey, Purple and Orange if Purple beats Grey on Friday. If Orange does pick up the win the final spot in the quarters will be decided by the Grey vs. Purple game on Friday. So basically almost nothing's been decided yet in Pool A.

In Pool B there is also the possibility of a 3 way tie at the top if Blue were to defeat Teal and Black were to defeat Yellow on Thursday. Yellow controls their own fate here as a win or tie against Black would seal 1st for them. Also, if Teal beats Blue and Yellow beats Black then we'd have a 3 way tie at 2-2-0 between Blue, Black, and Teal.

Better brush up on that tiebreaker formula. Fun times.

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