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GWLHL End of Year Survey (Survey is now Closed)

Apr 12, 2019

Please take 2 minutes to let us know what you think so we can improve the league going forward!

Blue Defeats Black to Win 2018-2019 GWLHL Championship

Mar 22, 2019

Blue capped off a historic playoff run with a 5-1 win over Black in the GWLHL Championship game last night. In 7 playoff games Blue gave up a ridiculously stingy 9 goals against for a playoffs GAA of 1.29. I don't know what league Blue thinks this is but a GAA that low is clearly not what this league is all about. The win gives co-captains Mitchell Link and Simon Schaubroeck the extremely rare back to back championships. The only thing more memorable than winning back to back championships was Link's speech at the windup where he lambasted the other captain pairings for their drafting strategy of picking their old, fat, slow friends while Blue picked younger, faster players. Luckily for Link he kept the speech short and left the stage before he could be booed off of it. Congratulations to Link and Schaubroeck on winning back to back championships and the rest of team Blue for a great season and playoff performance. Also, congratulations to team Black for a great season and playoffs coming up just short of a championship themselves.

GWLHL Frozen 4

Mar 15, 2019

The 2018-2019 GWLHL Frozen 4 are all set. While it doesn't happen ever year this year we have the top 4 teams from the regular season as the last 4 teams standing in the semi-finals. Not only that but the semi-final match-ups are perfect 1 vs 4 and 2 vs 3 match-ups if you look at the regular season standings. I guess the league got the playoff format right this year?

The two heavyweight match-ups are as follows:

Semi-Final 1 - Wed Mar 20th @ 4:40

Grey at Blue

Semi-Final 2 - Wed Mar 20th @5:50

Black at Teal

Good luck and congratulations to all 4 teams in the semis!

Final Pool Standings

Mar 8, 2019

Pool A

Pool B

With Yellow's 2-1 win over Orange in the final game of the round robin the Pool A standings are now final. Teal finishes first with a 4-0 record. Yellow takes 2nd over Black via the fewest goals against tiebreaker so Black finishes 3rd. The final spot in the quarters and 4th place in the pool goes to Orange over White via the fewest goals against tiebreaker as well.

Pool B standings are final with Blue taking top spot with their big 6-3 win over Grey in both team's final game of the round robin. Red's win over Green vaults them over Grey for 2nd in the pool by virtue of the least goals against tiebreaker so Grey finishes 3rd. Purple rounds out the top 4 while Green finishes last after going a perfect 0-4 in the round robin.

The schedule has been updated for next week's quarter-finals and Thirsty Penguin Bowl.

GWLHL Milestones

Feb 26, 2019

Randy Takada and Sean Brokop Become the 2 Newest Members of the Exclusive 500 Point Club

With a 4 assist performance vs. White on Jan 3, 2019 Randy Takada eclipsed the 500 point mark in his 20th GWLHL season becoming just the 20th GWLHLer to do so. Randy is in the midst of a career season playing for Teal finishing the regular season 3rd overall in league scoring with a sizzling 58 points in 17 games for an average of just over 3.4 points per game. Congrats to Randy on a great season and hitting this amazing career milestone!

Not to be outdone, Team Black MVP and perennial score runner-upper Sean Brokop put an exclamation point on his 500th career point with a 7 point performance in an 8-1 annihilation of a short-handed Orange squad last week becoming the 21st player in GWLHL history to reach this mark. Brokop is also in the midst of a career year finishing 2nd overall in league scoring in the regular season with 66 points in 17 games which is just shy of 4 points per game (3.88). With his 7 point performance last week Brokop is now just 1 point shy of his career high in points of 74 which he accomplished in back to back seasons in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. Brokop becomes one of the fastest to ever reach 500 points doing it in only his 8th season and 165th career game. By the looks of the Player Career Stats page Brokop is likely the 2nd fastest to reach 500 points behind only you-know-who but hard to say for sure. Congrats to Brokop on reaching this milestone so speedily!

Brian 'Buzz' Boult and Ron Hanson Become Only the 10th and 11th Members of the 600 Point Club

With a first period assist in Team Purple's big 3-2 win vs. Green last week Brian Boult became the 10th member of the even more exclusive 600 point club. Just 8 days later Ron Hanson also joined the 600 point club with a 1 goal 2 assist performance in Teal's 10-4 win vs. Orange. Both Buzz and Hanson reached the 600 point milestone in their 17th season in the league.
Technically there's really only 5 members of the 600 point club as the other 6 members have graduated to the 700, 800, 900, etc. point clubs. The 600 point club includes such GWLHL luminaries as Croitor, Maguet, Melnyk, and now Buzz and Hanson. Congratulations Buzz and Ron on reaching this impressive milestone!

Reggie Becomes the 1st Member of the 2100 Point Club
Even more exclusive than the 600 Point Club is the brand new 2100 Point Club which Reggie Goodfellow founded last week with a 9G 1A performance against White. I'm not sure how often in league history someone has scored a hat trick of hat tricks in a single game but I'm guessing not often.

Cupid the Tender

Feb 11, 2019

I’m a Lover, Not a Goalie
Every Super-Hero has his weakness. Superman – Kryptonite. Batman – Catwoman. Greg Martin – Valentine’s Day. Yes, Valentine’s Day.
Greg Martin has played the most games in GWLHL history at 866 career games. He has already played an astonishing 41 games this year alone. That is an average of 3 games per week. But play on Valentine’s Day? No Way.
With the Playoff Round Robin schedule now out, Team Black plays their first game on Thursday, February 14 at 4:40. But Greg Martin won’t be there. He has plans.
Team Black captain Craig Robb, a long-time co-captain with Martin, was taken off guard. “You think you know a guy” said Robb. “I have played with Greg for many years. I guess we have never had to play on February 14. I’m not sure what this means to our many years of co-captaining. Maybe the run is over.”
Robb will have to work with league conveners to see who can replace Martin in their first week Round Robin matchup against Team Orange.
When reached for comment, GWLHL commissioner Rick Wolfson added, “I guess you can’t cancel reservations at the Mariaggi.”
Good luck to all teams in the first week of playoffs

Playoff Pools Are Set

Feb 8, 2019

The 18 game pre-season is officially in the books so now the games start to count for real. The round robin pools shake out as follows:

Pool A:

Pool B:

Green and Red finished the season tied with 16 points. They split the season series 1-1 which is the first tiebreaker so we go to the 2nd tiebreaker which is most wins. Green had the edge in wins 8 to 7 so Green finishes in 6th place and is the B3 seed while Red finishes in 7th and is the B4 seed.

The round robin playoff schedule has been posted. Note that for week 1 Red plays twice and Yellow has a bye. Red will have the bye next week.

New Playoff Format & Information

Jan 21, 2019

Believe it or not there are just 3 games left in the regular season so the playoffs are just around the corner. What better time than now to go over the exciting new expanded playoff format the GWLHL deep thinkers have conjured up for this season?

Playoff Pools (Round Robin runs Feb 13th to March 8th):

Pool A: 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, and 10th
Pool B: 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, and 9th

In order to make the round robin schedule work with 10 teams this year, one team each week will have to play 2 games and one team each week will not play (i.e. they’ll have a bye). The team playing twice in the week will always play the Wednesday 4:40 game as well as the Friday game to make sure they have the maximum amount of time between games. The byes have been scheduled so that whichever team plays twice in a week (in round robin weeks 1-3) will get a bye the following week (this is not the case in round robin week 4 however as everyone plays the following week). Only 4 out of 10 teams will have to play this type of schedule while the other 6 will just play once a week for 4 weeks. Which 4 teams you ask? That would be the 4 at the bottom of the regular season standings (7th to 10th place).

Quarter-Finals (March 13th to 15th):
New this year we will have a quarter-final round the week following the round robin. The top 4 teams in each pool from the round robin will advance to the quarter-finals on Wednesday & Thursday while the 5th place teams from each pool will face off in a relegation game on Friday to determine once and for all who is not last. This relegation game will be known as “The Thirsty Penguin Bowl”, with both teams enjoying some delicious Thirsty Penguin treats after the game courtesy of our March vouchers.

Quarter-Final #1 (March 13th at 4:40): 2nd Pool B vs 3rd Pool A
Quarter-Final #2 (March 13th at 5:50): 1st Pool A vs 4th Pool B
Quarter-Final #3 (March 14th at 4:40): 2nd Pool A vs 3rd Pool B
Quarter-Final #4 (March 14th at 5:50): 1st Pool B vs 4th Pool A
The Thirsty Penguin Bowl (March 15th at 5:20): 5th Pool A vs 5th Pool B

Semi-Finals (March 20th):
Semi-Final #1 (March 20th at 4:40): Winner QF #3 vs Winner QF #4
Semi-Final #2 (March 20th at 5:50): Winner QF #1 vs Winner QF #2

Final (March 21st at 5:00): Last 2 teams standing.

Some astute hockey fans may recognize this playoff format from such popular hockey tournaments as the World Junior Hockey Championships™.

*Note that for the Quarters, Semis, and Final the team seeded higher based on round robin standings will be designated as the Home team.

Tie-breaking Formula:
In case of a tie the following tie-breaking rules will be used in both the regular season and playoffs:

Between two or more teams:

1. Best record in head-to-head games amongst the tied teams.
2. Most wins (overall vs all teams)
3. Fewest goals against (vs tied teams)
4. Fewest goals against (vs all teams)
5. Largest goal differential – Maximum goal differential in any game will be 5
6a. If determining regular season standings – flip a coin
6b. If determining round robin playoff standings – team with best record in regular season

Note: If there are still teams tied after a step (no single team is advanced), only the tied teams from that step move on to the next step of the procedure. This process continues until there is only 1 team remaining.

Overtime Rules:

Round Robin:

There is no overtime in the round robin, games can end in ties.

Quarters & Semis:

1. The format for overtime will be a 3 on 3, sudden death.
2. The overtime period will be stop time, and a maximum of 5 minutes long.
3. Be ready to play immediately after regulation time because we want to get overtime going as soon as possible. Any team attempting to delay the start of overtime may be assessed a Minor penalty for Delay of Game.
4. Normal player changes will be allowed on the fly and at stoppages.
5. If a penalty occurs in overtime (or if there is an unexpired penalty carried over from the third period) the non-offending Team will play with 4 skaters and a Goaltender, and the offending Team will play with 3 skaters and a Goaltender. When the offending Teams penalty expires, the penalized Player is permitted to rejoin the play which may result in temporary 4 on 4 play. At the first stoppage following the expiration of the penalty, Teams will revert to 3 skaters and a Goaltender.
6. If the game is still tied after the 5 minutes, then a shoot-out will occur.


Should the game remain tied following the conclusion of the overtime period, a shoot-out will be conducted to determine a winner. For the shoot-out, the following rules/items will be applicable:

1. Goalies will both use/defend the same net (use net nearest fan viewing area)
2. 3 shooters per Team (team with most goals after 3 shooters wins)
3. Any penalty in the overtime period, that has not expired, will eliminate the penalized player from shoot-out participation.
4. The home team (i.e. the higher seeded team) gets choice to shoot first or shoot last.
5. Once a Player has shot, they shall move to the side of the rink opposite the Players bench.
6. Referees use Hockey Canada/USA Hockey procedures for penalty shot.
7. If the game remains tied following the first three shooters, a sudden death shoot-out will decide the game winner (i.e. one Team scores, the other does not). Every eligible Player on must shoot once before any player on that team can shoot again.
8. In cases of an extended shoot-out and the number of shooters on each team is not equal, the following would apply... Once all players on the team with the least number of players have shot once, and the game is still tied, the players on that team are eligible to shoot again. Once players on one team start taking their 2nd shots, then the players on the other team can start taking their 2nd shots too (this means some players on a team that has more players than their opponents team may not end up shooting at all).

Final Overtime Format:

Since we have a double ice time booked for the final and have the extra time we will use the following overtime format:
1. 5 minutes of 5 on 5; then
2. 5 minutes of 4 on 4; then
3. 3 on 3 until a goal is scored

2019 Hockey Day in Canada

Jan 7, 2019

The tradition continues as once again the GWLHL and GWLWHL will be heading outdoors for the 15th annual 'Hockey Day in Canada' extravaganza! This year the festivities are scheduled to take place on Saturday January 12th, 2019 at a new venue, The Norwood Community Center – located at 87 Walmer Street (behind the Santa Lucia on St. Mary’s, just over the Norwood Bridge).,-97.1312681,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m5!3m4!1s0x52ea76b3afe60999:0xc384d2cca26c9199!8m2!3d49.8794281!4d-97.1290794

The first game is scheduled to begin bright and early at 9:00am. The full GWLHL schedule is as follows:

9:00am – Yellow vs. White
10:30am – Black vs. Orange
12:00pm – Red vs. Purple
1:30pm – Teal vs. Blue
3:00pm – Grey vs. Green

Dressing room assignments will be posted on the dressing room doors. As we will only have two dressing rooms for the men’s teams, please vacate the dressing room 15 minutes after your game so that the next teams playing have time to dress.
As usual, the day will include a beer gardens that is scheduled to be open throughout the day. Drink tickets will be $4 each and we will be ordering pizza for both the men's and women's league to enjoy free of charge. The first order of pizza will arrive around 11:00 with 2 additional waves of pizza arriving later in the day.

The current forecast looks good, calling for cloudy skies with high temperatures of around -10C. However, come prepared for any weather. We never know what mother nature may bring.

Games will be 2 – 20 minutes running time halves, with stop time in the last minute of each half. Teams switch sides after the first half.

Hopefully it is a great day with camaraderie shared by all.

Reggie Goodfellow Scores 2,000th Point

Nov 21, 2018

On Friday November 16, Hall of Famer and current GWLHL co-convener Reggie Goodfellow recorded his 2,000th point in the Great-West Life Hockey League.

Reggie’s stats are ridiculous. He got his 2,000th point in his 375th game. That works out to 5.3 points per game. Reggie is the GWLHL's all time leading scorer with 1,314 goals and 690 assists for 2004 points which is 777 more points (and counting) than 2nd place all time Larry Davidson. To put that into perspective, only 3 other players besides Reggie even have at least 777 points in the history of the league. Reggie currently has 87 more goals than anyone else has points so who really needs assists?

Reggie recorded his 2,000th point on an assist on a goal by teammate Shayne Bond against Team Orange. At press time it was unclear if Shayne actually shot the puck in the net with his stick, or if Reg put it in the net off Bonder’s butt.

Congrats on an unreal accomplishment Reg.

Week 6 Happenings

Nov 16, 2018

Dusty McBrokop and Black on a Tear
After going a pathetic 0-2-1 in their previous 3 games which included allowing humiliating hat-tricks to venerable GWLHL scoring machines Gerry Bossman Boss and Reinhart Putin Waldner Black is putting the rest of the league on notice that they mean business after outscoring the opposition by a staggeringly unsportsmanlike 19-3 in their last 2 games. Having had a somewhat slow start to the season by his standards and sick of Reggie calling him a duster, GWLHL second in command Sean Brokop put up an impressive STFU 8 point (4G 4A) performance in a 12-3 thrashing of Orange in week 5 before pumping in another 6 points (4G 2A) in a 7-0 trouncing of Purple in week 6. Not bad for a duster.

Grey Notches Their 1st Win of the Season
Grey came into week 6 with one of the weirdest and most surprising records in the league at 0-2-3 still looking for their first win a month and a half into the season. Grey would not be denied in week 6 however as rookie sensation D-man Austin Lightfoot who came into the game with 10 goals already on the young season, reportedly added another 3 goals (and an assist) to his totals and willed his team to victory over Yellow 6-1. Asked to comment on why his team had it handed to them so badly team Yellow Co-Captain and legendary GWLHL 2nd assist chiseler Jeremy Dick admitted to reporters after the game We got Austined. Indeed.

Thursday Games
After two blowouts on Wednesday the Thursday games were much more competitive with Green clawing back to .500 by squeaking out a 3-2 victory over Blue and Red remaining the only undefeated team in the league edging White 5-4. The early game saw two of the most improbable streaks to start the year for Green come to and end as all-time career GWLHL PIMs leader Dennis Jajetovic and active PIMs per game leader Wade Martin both took their first penalties of the year after each going what must be a career high 5 games without a single trip to the sin bin to start the year. Green somehow managed to kill off both penalties despite coming into the game sporting a pitiful 33% penalty kill rate.

The late game saw White with an opportunity to tie Red for 1st overall in the league but they came up just short in the devastating 1 goal loss. The teams combined to go a perfect 3-3 on the power play and White Co-Captain Tim Hook had all 4 of his teams goals in a losing effort. With the win Red remains the class of the league with a record of 5-0-1 at the 1/3 mark of the season as not only are they alone in 1st overall but they have a nice 4-point cushion between themselves and a whole wack of teams battling it out for sloppy 2nd.

Friday Night Lights
After suffering a nail-biting 12-3 loss to Black last week things dont get any easier for a reeling team Orange (or as the French say, Orange) if they plan to get off the schneid and begin their climb out of the dank, dark GWLHL basement as they take on Reggie Goodfellows Teal squad in the Friday game to cap off week 6. Vegas has Teal as the -250 betting favorites with the over/under set at 12.5. With a win Teal would improve their record to 3-2-1 which would create 4-way tie for 2nd place in the league with Black, Blue, and White which would be interesting. You dont see that every day.

- Staff Reporter

Allstar Break - Stories from Around the League

Oct 29, 2018

The BossMan Cometh
Without doubt, the biggest story early in the season is the play of Hall of Famer and recent retiree Gerry Boss. The BossMan as he is affectionately known around the league, scored 4 goals in his first 2 games, and then followed that up with a hattrick against a bewildered Team Black. After 4 games, Gerry has an astounding 7 goals and has led Team Red to the top of the standings and the only undefeated team in the league. Commissioner Rick Wolfson has taken notice. Rick has been seen at recent Team Red games with an empty specimen jar in his pocket, always on the look out for PEDs.

Team Green Gets Their First Win of the Season
In week one, perennial GWLHL Czar and Green Team Co-Captain Reinhart Putin Waldner accidentally leaked his scouting report to the opposing team. This led to a 9-2 thrashing at the hands of Team Red. This is not where this story ended. Not happy with how this unfolded, Reinhart mysteriously made Team Green goalie Josh Rowson disappear the following week. Reinhart then checked his cell phone speed dial and called upon former #1 GWL goalie Alex Haas for the Friday night matchup with Team Black. Not only did Haas backstop Team Green to their first and only win of the season, Reinhart pumped in 3 goals himself. Overly pleased with himself, and still quite delirious after getting his hattrick, Reinhart was seen walking out of Canlan commenting to reporters, If He dies, He dies. No one is sure why he was quoting Drago from Rocky IV, but some believe it was the result of the Stolichnaya in his water bottle.

Sanjay Tops 800

Oct 11, 2018

Big congratulations goes out to Sanjay Guliani who reached the 800 point club last night assisting on a beautiful give and go play with Rookie Austin Lightfoot. Sanjay is only the 4th player to ever reach the 800 point club and currently sits in 4th place in all time GWLHL career scoring. Way to go Sanj!!

Forget the NHL the GWLHL has Kicked off this week

Oct 5, 2018

Forget the NHL the GWLHL has Kicked off this week.

Game 1 of the season featured the steroid bowl as Jeremy Dick and Team Yellow went Head to Head with Troy Woods and Team Orange. Troy came out raging and scored the first goal of the 2018-2019 season. However, Team Orange seemed to run out of testosterone as Team Yellow scored 4 unanswered to take the opening game 4-1. Sophomore sensation Alex Palmer scored 2 goals and added an apple as he proved he can play just fine without his monkey boy Mitchell Link.

Game 2 featured Team Red vs Team Green. Before the puck even dropped in this game the bad blood was flowing. Green Captain Reinhart Waldner mistakenly sent his scouting report of Team Red to captains McIntosh and Nichols. This ended up being a crucial mistake as Team Red used it as fuel and came out firing on all cylinders. Lead by Norris trophy candidate Scott McDonald Red cruised to a 9-2 victory. Let this be a reminder to all Captains. Dont send your scouting report to the other team.

Game 3 was the battle of the Rookie goaltenders. Russian Superstar Dmitri Krassioukov vs ASHL all-star Michael Plummer. White flew out of the gates skating to a 3-0 lead after the first period. Dmitri frustrated with his teams play yelled at his team in Russian in a furious rage after the first. Team Grey member Sanjay Guliani said we have no idea what the F*** he said but it sure motivated us. The game continued to go back and forth with team Grey nibbling away at the lead. GWLHL veteran Roger Maguet decided it was time to let the league know he was back and scored 2 3rd period goals to preserve the tie for team Grey. Krassioukov denied interviews following the game. 4-4 tie as everyone kissed their sister.

Game 4 was Team Teal vs Team Black. You would think most of the talk would be featured of the Goodfellow vs Brokop matchup but it was the matchup within team Black that was the story. Entering the game Craig Robb was 1 point behind Glen Garrioch in career stats. Tied at 3 in the 3rd period Robb sprung Brokop on a partial breakaway and Brokop finished giving Robb an assist and tying Glen. Late in the 3rd with Teals net empty, Robb picked up a loose puck in his own end, winked at Glen on the bench and fired a 150 foot shot into the gaping cage. Robb is now one point up on Glen. And by the way Glen played last night I dont think Robb is worried about Glen ever catching him. 5-3 Black was the final score.

Game 5 is at 5:20 tonight when Team Drinky Drinky (Purple) takes on Team Rookie (Blue). This will be the first Friday game ever in GWLHL history. There will be a ceremonial faceoff to kick off the first Friday game ever. That is if Team Purple has anyone that can stand up that long to take the draw. Good luck out there boys and for god sakes please be safe after the game.
Signing off Im Dusty McBrokop


Oct 3, 2018

Please be aware that due to a scheduling conflict the 2nd Wednesday game for the first two weeks of the season will start at 5:00 on Rink 1.

The schedule has been updated to reflect the change and team captains have been notified by email.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Teams Are Set - Schedule to be posted soon

Sep 28, 2018

The teams have been picked and the players are ready to hit the ice!! The first week of action starts on October 3 at 4:40 when Yellow takes on Orange. Remember to get those visors on your helmets. Also your captains will pass around a waiver form prior to your first game. Make sure it is signed before you hit the ice.

The full year schedule will be up in the next few days. Here are next weeks games so you can plan accordingly.

2018-10-03 Wed 16:40:00 Rink 2 Yellow Orange
2018-10-03 Wed 17:00:00 Rink 1 Red Green
2018-10-04 Thu 16:40:00 Rink 2 Grey White
2018-10-04 Thu 17:50:00 Rink 2 Teal Black
2018-10-05 Fri 17:20:00 Rink 3 Blue Purple

Let the fun being!!
Dusty McBrokop

GWLHL Friday Ice slot

Aug 30, 2018

Due to the league expanding back to the 10 team format we required an additional ice slot at Canlan. For the 2018-2019 season there will be a game on Friday's at 5:20 each week.

Your conveners estimate all teams will have 3 to 4 Friday games through out the season.

If you have any questions or concerns email Glen or Reggie.

Get Your Discount on a Visor

Aug 24, 2018

Royal Sports has been generous and offered GWLHL members a discount on visors for the upcoming season. Anyone who needs a new visor please email Reggie Goodfellow to get your coupon today. The coupons are valid until September 30, 2018 so don't wait too long.

Royal Sports
750 Pembina Hwy
Winnipeg, MB

Friday 10a.m.9p.m.
Saturday 9a.m.6p.m.
Sunday 11a.m.6p.m.
Monday 10a.m.9p.m.
Tuesday 10a.m.9p.m.
Wednesday 10a.m.9p.m.
Thursday 10a.m.9p.m.

Royal Sports
650 Raleigh St
Winnipeg, MB

Friday 11a.m.7p.m.
Saturday 10a.m.6p.m.
Sunday 12a.m.6p.m.
Monday 11a.m.7p.m.
Tuesday 11a.m.7p.m.
Wednesday 11a.m.7p.m.
Thursday 11a.m.7p.m.

Get Ready to Hit the Ice for the 2018-19 GWL Men's Hockey League!

Aug 15, 2018

Get Ready to Hit the Ice for the 2018-19 GWL Men's Hockey League!

Sign up for the GWL Mens Hockey League. The 2018-2019 season gets underway with the rookie game and draft on Thursday Sep 27th, and concludes with the championship game and windup on March 21, 2019.
Players of all skill levels are welcomed. This is a non-contact, no slap-shots league with emphasis on fun, exercise and competitive camaraderie. Games will be held at the Canlan Ice Sports complex, 1871 Ellice Ave., with ice times on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 4:40 and 5:50 p.m. Starting this year, visors (or full face shields/cages) are now MANDATORY.
Cost is $415 for Staff Club members and $460 for guests. See the online registration for full details and complete by the registration deadline of Friday, Sept. 14. Dont delay as spots fill up quickly!
For more information, contact event conveners Glen Garrioch, (204) 946-2992 and Reggie Goodfellow, (204) 924-5502.

Brokop is a duster

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