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End of Season Survey

Apr 19, 2018

Please share your thoughts on the season and help us make the league that much better going forward by taking a minute or two to fill out the 2017-2018 GWLHL end of year survey.

The survey can be found here:

Thanks in advance for your feedback!

Jeff Chlup's HOF Acceptance Speech

Apr 2, 2018

While Jeff wasn't able to attend this year's GWLHL Wind-Up, he sent along some words to express his feeling about being elected to this year's HOF class:

"WOW! What an extreme honor it is to be inducted into the Great-West Life hockey hall of fame. THANK YOU to the members for voting me in!
When I heard of my selection, I took a few minutes to look at the members of the prestigious group. Dale Kilimnik, Ed Hunter, Jim Jennings, Larry ďLipstickĒ Davidson, Howie Wood, Jack Morris, Gerry Boss, Gregg Melnyk, Sanjay Guliani and The Wolfer, just to name a few. What a group of misfits! Iím not certain if this is a Hall of fame list, the list of people most wanted by the Winnipeg Alcoholics Anonymous chapter or the registered members of the Deer Lodge nursing home? Ha, who am I to think it canít be all three? For just the guys I mentioned, Iíve got the over/under for beers consumed after games at 11,500. Joking aside, looking at the list of GWL Hockey Hall of Fame members, I am truly humbled.

"I think everyone that hears that GWL has as hockey league believes it only about hockey. Yes, hockey is a part of it. Heck, even some of the people who have played and currently play in our league, actually know how to play hockey. To me, this league has been much more than just hockey. Much more. It is a chance to meet new people from work in a much different setting then sitting across the table debating if a dental claim should or should not be paid. For me, it has fostered both personal and business relationships resulting in many lifelong friendships. I canít remember my first goal, my last goal or any particular game, but I do remember the great people that I had the privilege of shared a dressing room with or competed against on the ice. Without a doubt, some game days there was more work accomplished in the 30 minutes before and after the game, drinking a beer, then the 7.5 hours we spent at work. While hockey might have brought us all together, the time we spend with each other in the dressing room cracking wise, kibitzing with one another and/or busting someoneís chops for missing an open net is what keeps us coming back and what makes this league such an important part of our lives. The Great-West Life Hockey league has enriched my life and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all past, present and future players and refs for making this league what it is. One of the greatest league, playing the greatest game!

"Thank you again,
Jeff Chlup"

2018 GWLHL Individual Recognition Awards

Mar 28, 2018

Ken Richardson Award:

This year's winner, Wade Bo-Maguire is a first-time winner of the 'good guy' award. Despite being a thorn in the side of opposing forwards for the past 14 seasons as one of the best D-men in the league and having the highest PIMs/game of any Ken Richardson winner ever Wade's fellow GWLHLers still thought enough of him to vote him this year's winner, which says a lot. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on who's team your on), Wade's reign of defensive terror in the GWLHL has come to an end as he left the company during the 2017-2018 season. Congrats Wade and best of luck in the new gig!

Ken Richardson award: This award is dedicated to the memory of Ken Richardson. It is awarded annually to the player who best exemplifies the kind of player Ken was - not necessarily the most talented, but hard-working and, above all, a good sportsman. It is a prestigious award in that the recipient is selected by the players of the League.

Hall of Fame:

This year saw two worthy inductees into the GWLHL Hall of Fame, Jeff Chlup and Reggie Goodfellow. Jeff is a 20 year veteran of the GWLHL having played over 400 games and is a member of the exclusive 500 point club racking up an impressively similar 264 goals and 258 assists over his 20 year career. In addition to Jeff's versatile stats, he is also a versatile player having played every position on the ice during his Hall of Fame career, including a couple of games in net. I'll leave Jeff's goal-tending stats out of this as let's just say they didn't exactly help his Hall of Fame case. Besides his stats, Jeff's commitment to the league over the years through captaining and convening make him a very worthy inductee.

What can be said about the Reggie that can't be gleaned from his other-worldly stats? Whether it's his jaw dropping 1290 goals or his unbelievable 674 assists totaling 1964 points (all GWLHL all-time records) in 368 games played over 15 seasons, it all adds up to one thing: the rare first ballot GWLHL Hall of Famer. Not only does Reg dominate the league himself but he makes the players around him so much better that many captains have resorted to adding a 'years played with Reggie' stat to their draft stats package as to not get fooled into drafting players too high due to the 'Reggie effect'. What's next for Reggie? Being just 36 points shy of 2000 career he should have that wrapped up by some time in November so I'm guessing next on the hit list after that would be Gretzky's career NHL points record of 3239 (2857 regular season & 382 playoffs). A his current pace another 10 or 11 years aught to do it. Congrats Reggie!

What Does it Take to Get Into the Hall?

Must have played a minimum of 15 years Ė Someone who contributes to the spirit of the league. Both on the ice and off the ice. This is not just a 15-year club. It's not just about the stats (but that helps if they are good), it's an honour and a privilege voted on by the other Hall of Fame members. This individual has helped promote the league through their on-ice demeanour, their contribution to convening or captaincy, and their participation in post-game activities. This individual inspires and fosters a friendly, yet competitive environment for co-workers of all skill levels and job titles to participate.

White beats Yellow 4-0 to win GWLHL Championship

Mar 22, 2018


White Faces Yellow for 2017-2018 GWLHL Championship

Mar 22, 2018

It was a tale of two vastly different games in the semi finals as in the early game Yellow beat up on a depleted Orange squad, who were missing their top two centers, 9-2. The late game was a much closer contest as Green jumped out to the 1-0 lead before White scored the next two to take a 2-1 lead late into the 3rd where they sealed the victory with an empty netter in the final minute for the 3-1 win.

That sets up a Yellow vs. White Championship Final in what is sure to be a fantastic game and one that I think is too close to call. For anyone wanting to take in the Final, game start time is 5pm with the windup to follow immediately after at the usual spot, Winn City Pub at Pembina and Grant. Lots of prizes, Papa John's Pizza, cold beer and good times are sure to be had so hope to see you all at the windup.

Good luck to both teams tonight!

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