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2017 GWLHL Individual Recognition Awards

Mar 24, 2017

Ken Richardson Award:

This year's winner Adam Janssens, (picture to follow) is a first-time winner of the prestigious award. Adam Can always be counted on to be a positive influence in the dressing room, on the bench, and at BP's/Hooters after the game. Congrats to Adam on the very well-deserved win.

Ken Richardson award : This award is dedicated to the memory of Ken Richardson. It is awarded annually to the player who best exemplifies the kind of player Ken was - not necessarily the most talented, but hard-working and, above all, a good sportsman. It is a prestigious award in that the recipient is selected by the referees and players of the League.

Hall of Fame:

Glen Garrioch (picture to follow) was this year's sole inductee into the GWLHL Hall of Fame. Glen, or "Handsome G" as he is known around the league, is a former captain and convener. After 23 seasons and 403 games played, Glen has racked up 337 points and only 24 PIM's. Usually seen with a smile on his face, Glen's positive attitude and sense of humour has made him a favourite league-wide. Word has it that Glen's GWL email signature has already been updated with "GWLHL HOF", to go along with his CPA and CMA designations. An incredibly worthy inductee.

What Does it Take to Get Into the Hall?

Must have played a minimum of 15 years – Someone who contributes to the spirit of the league. Both on the ice and off the ice. This is not just a 15-year club. It's not just about the stats (but that helps if they are good), it's an honor and a privilege voted on by the other Hall of Fame members. This individual has helped promote the league through their on-ice demeanor, their contribution to convening or captaincy, and their participation in post-game activities. This individual inspires and fosters a friendly, yet competitive environment for co-workers of all skill levels and job titles to participate.

Teal wins the 2016-2017 GWLHL Championship in triple OT

Mar 24, 2017

In what may be the longest game in GWLHL history (citation needed), Teal was able to claim victory over Yellow with a goal in the third overtime period, earning Teal the 2-1 win and the 2016-2017 Championship.

Yellow got off to a quick start, scoring a few minutes into the first period after dman Craig Jones rushed the puck from end to end before throwing it into the slot for captain Tim Grant, who ripped it into the back of the net. It took another period before Teal was able to get the tying goal, after a laser-beam shot from the blue line by Scott McDonald. Chances were traded back and forth during regulation, but the teams were still tied 1-1 after the third period ended.

The first overtime period was 5-on-5 for five minutes. Yellow was able to ring a shot off the post early on, but couldn't get any closer than that. The second OT period was 4-on-4 for five minutes, and once again, saw chances traded but no goals scored. The third and final OT period was 3-on-3 and would have gone until a goal was scored. Approximately 30 seconds in, Teal speedster Marty Hulme picked the puck up in his own zone and burned down the boards towards the Yellow net. After finding himself in the corner beside Yellow's net, he threw a no-look backhand pass into the slot that went through a Yellow player's skates, and landed directly on the tape of dman Adam Broome. In an incredible display of skill and overall talent, Adam utilized his Patrick-Kane-esque hands and dangles and made so many moves that Yellow substitute goalie Steven Penman became dizzy and confused, leaving his five-hole open. With calculated and exact precision, Adam slid the puck through the wickets and into the net, sealing the win and the Championship for Teal. There is no need to confirm with anyone who was at the game whether or not that's how the goal was scored because that's definitely what happened.

Battle for the Ages: Teal vs Yellow

Mar 22, 2017

The championship game of the 2016-2017 GWLHL season has their competitors.

Teal (2nd overall in regular season, 4th in playoffs) will face Yellow (3rd overall in regular season, 1st in playoffs) at 5:00 on Wednesday, March 23rd for the trophy, the bragging rights, and to get their names in the record books (aka in the "Awards" section over on the left, there).

Teal will go into Yellow's home barn to decide the top team this year.

Yellow played Purple in the early semi-final game on Wednesday. Yellow got off to a great start, and found themselves up 9-2 after the first two periods. Purple is never one to give up on themselves, and scored the next three goals to get the game as close as 9-5. But Yellow still had something in the tank and was able to get the next two goals, finishing the game with an 11-5 win. Asked for comments on the win after the game, Yellow sniper and GWLHL-finals-first-timer Sean Brokop was too excited to form a coherent sentence. Rest assured, Mr. Brokop and the rest of the Yellow gang will come out flying tomorrow.

Teal took on White in the late and last semi-final game on Wednesday. In a totally-unsurprising defensive battle, the teams found themselves tied 1-1 after White rookie Ty Webber sniped a goal on fellow rookie and Teal goaltender Russell Rollins, only two minutes into the second period. But Russell had a thought shortly thereafter: "I should stop all the pucks from now on". And he did. So when Teal captain Jamie Lyon scored his second goal of the game almost four minutes later to put Teal up 2-1, the game was all but decided. Teal successfully shut down the potent White offense, and even though stand-in goalie Greg Martin (called in for regular White goalie and captain Gord Dowhan, who decided that the likely birth of his next child was more important than the GWLHL semi-finals) turned in a fantastic performance, White could not obtain the elusive game-tying goal.

If history is any indicator, the final will definitely be a hard-fought battle. Teal and Yellow have played each other three times this year, with Yellow finishing up 2-1 in the series and 13-11 in overall goals for/against. But Teal is out for vengeance after Yellow beat them in the final round robin game of the playoffs, stealing top spot in the pool. Seating will be limited at the Thirsty Penguin, as the Jets don't play until 9:30 so there's nothing else to do at 5:00 on a Thursday.

The wind-up is scheduled for immediately following the finals, at Winn City Pub @ Pembina and Grant.

Semi-final matchups

Mar 21, 2017

In what is sure to be an exciting Wednesday, Purple plays Yellow @ 4:40 in the first semi-final match-up, while Teal plays White @ 5:50 in the late game.

Purple vs Yellow is a difficult match-up to predict. Purple finished the regular season atop the standings with a 12-3-4 record, while Yellow finished third at 10-7-2. The teams played two games in the regular season, and they ended very differently. Purple took the first game in dominating fashion, winning 9-2 in the fourth week of the season, while Yellow took the second game 14-1 in a lopsided affair on Hockey Day in Canada, a day that saw Purple missing their top two regular season and playoff scorers in Reggie Goodfellow and Sanjay Guliani. Both teams hope to ice a squad on Wednesday that will guide their team to the finals on Thursday.

Teal vs White is a very different story. Teal finished the regular season in second place, earning a 12-4-3 record with a league high +31 goal differential. White rounded out the top four in fourth place with a 9-6-4 record and a league low 24 PIM. In their two games during the regular season, both teams earned a 3-2 win. Teal was quarterbacked all year by team captain Jamie Lyon, who put up a career high in goals, assists, and points, and more than doubled his production from last year. White was led by a league-high five rookies, in addition to stellar performances from first-time team captains Gord Dowhan and Troy Woods. The teams were separated by only four goals against in the regular season, and after hard-fought 3-2 wins by both teams, the final time these teams play each other this season is sure to be a defensive battle.

With the top four teams from the regular season playing in the semis, the last two days of the 2016-2017 GWLHL season is sure to showcase some fantastic hockey.

The league finals will be played on Thursday @ 5:00, with the wind-up at Winn City Pub immediately afterwards.

Semi-Final Overtime Rules

Mar 21, 2017


1. The format for overtime will be a 3 on 3, with sudden victory.
2. The overtime period will be stop time, and a maximum of five (5) minutes long if no team scores.
3. Be ready to play immediately after regulation time because we want to get overtime going as soon as possible. Any team attempting to delay the start of overtime may be assessed a Minor penalty for Delay of Game.
4. Normal player changes will be allowed on the fly and at stoppages.
5. If a penalty occurs in overtime (or if there is an unexpired penalty carried over from the third period) the non-offending Team will play with 4 skaters and a Goaltender, and the offending Team will play with 3 skaters and a Goaltender. When the offending Team’s penalty expires, the penalized Player is permitted to rejoin the play which may result in temporary 4 on 4 play. At the first stoppage following the expiration of the penalty, Teams will revert back to 3 skaters and a Goaltender.
6. If the game is still tied at the end of the five (5) minutes, then a shoot-out will occur.


Should the game remain tied following the conclusion of the overtime period, a shoot-out will be conducted to determine a winner. For the shoot-out, the following rules/items will be applicable:

1. Goalies will both use/defend the same net (use net nearest fan viewing area)
2. 3 shooters per Team (team with most goals after 3 shooters wins)
3. Any penalty in the overtime period, that has not expired, will eliminate the penalized player from shoot-out participation.
4. Winner of coin flip gets choice to shoot first or shoot last.
5. Once a Player has shot, they shall move to the side of the rink opposite the Players’ bench.
6. Referees use Hockey Canada/USA Hockey procedures for penalty shot.
7. If the game remains tied following the first three shooters, a sudden victory shoot-out will decide the game winner (i.e. one Team scores, the other does not). Every eligible Player on must shoot once before any player on that team can shoot again.
8. In cases of an extended shoot-out and the number of shooters on each team is not equal, the following would apply….. Once all players on the team with the least amount of players have shot once, and the game is still tied, the players on that team are eligible to shoot again. Once players on one team start taking their 2nd shots, then the players on the other team can start taking their 2nd shots too (this means some players on a team that has more players than their opponents team may not end up shooting at all).

Semi-Final Game Times Set

Mar 20, 2017

A mediator put and end to the issue surrounding the Semi-Final game time discrepancy between BrooCox and the GWLHLPA. The independent mediator sided completely with BrooCox's position that the A1 seed gets to play in the late game.

A number of players launched their own GWLHLPA Internal Affairs Investigation, in conjunction with the GWLHLPA Internal Affairs Investigation Unit (GWLHLPAIAIU) to investigate the GWLHLPA's handling of the Semi-Final Time Negotation. The GWLHLPAIAIU investigation actually revealed that GWLHLPA spokesperson, who is completely fabricated in order to distract people from the schedule file oversight, was acting alone in taking the position that A1 should ever play in the early game. 100% of the players interviewed as part of the investigation (which is also completely fabricated) completely agreed with BrooCox.

As a result of this misappropriation of power, the GWLHLPA will officially be disbanded and is never to be spoken of again.

Semi-Final Games Set - Game Times TBD

Mar 20, 2017

What we do know is that Yellow (B1) will play host to Purple (A2) and that Teal (B2) will be up against the new king of the mountain, White (A1). What we don't know for sure is when.

The GWLHLPA is blocking the release of the GWLHL Semi-Final game schedule because they haven't ever been relevant for any other reason so they are taking a stand on this one.

Convenors Broome and Wilcox (AKA BrooCox)feel that since the first-overall regular season seed was in Pool A and should have finished in spot A1, that they should play host to B2 in the late game... so that's probably how it's going to be.

The GWLHLPA, however, is of the opposite position just because it's different.

In fact, the GWLHLPA doesn't even really exist. The delay really boils down to the notes for this game being left out file that was provided to statistician-elite Chris Crosbie at the beginning of the season. Coupled with the fact that BrooCox were out of the office last week. What we have here is a Perfect Storm.

We'll get this settled for you soon!

Final Round Robin Standings

Mar 16, 2017

Pool A

Pool B

Semis and finals right around the corner

Mar 14, 2017

With the final games in the playoff round robin taking place tomorrow and Thursday, the 2016-2017 GWLHL season is winding to a close.

Some teams have punched their ticket to the semis, some teams are already looking forward to their first tee time of the year, and some teams are still fighting to make it in.

Green plays Red @ 4:40 on Wednesday. Both teams were unsuccessful in their bid to make the semis, so goalies Jerry Pankratz and Steven Penman will be strapping on the player skates while Jim Jennings and Jeff Chlup will do their best to get in the way of some pucks and backstop their respective teams to the win. Red took the regular season series 2-0 so Green will try to enact their revenge.

White takes on Purple @ 5:00. After going 3-0 in the first three round robin games, both teams have earned their spot in the semis. The only thing left to be decided is the top spot and bragging rights. White came away with the edge in the regular season series, earning a 9-4 win to go along with a 5-5 tie. Purple hopes to jack up White's league-low 3 goals allowed so far in the playoffs.

The final game on Wednesday sees Blue vs. Orange @ 5:50 in most important game of the season for Orange, as they need a win and some help in one of Thursday's games if they want to sneak into the semis. Blue failed to punch their ticket to the semis, so the best they can hope for is to play spoiler. The season series saw the teams battle to a 6-6 tie tie along with a 5-4 win for Orange, so anything's possible.

Yellow plays Teal at 4:40 on Thursday. Yellow has already earned their spot in the semis after winning all three of their round robin games, but Teal still has some work to do if they want to make it in. In the two regular season games between the teams, both came away with a win in two hard-fought battles. An Orange loss on Wednesday means that Teal will join Yellow in the semis, and this game will be for rankings.

The final game of the round robin will see Black vs. Green @ 5:50. Green went 2-0 in the regular season series, so Black will look to finally get that elusive monkey off their back and earn a win in the final game of their season. With both teams missing the semis, anything can happen.

500 points for the Boss Man!

Mar 7, 2017

With a goal in the third period of Red's 7-5 loss to Purple on February 22, GWLHL Hall-of-Famer and Sam Elliott lookalike Gerry "Boss Man" Boss became the 18th player in league history to reach 500 points.

After 31 seasons played and 696 games under his belt, Gerry sits 3rd all-time in games played, only trailing goalies Greg Martin (778) and Rick Wolfson (697).

Gerry is not to be trifled with when it comes to sports. Whether he's lulling defensemen into a false sense of security by skating so slowly they can't tell if he's coming towards them or skating away backwards, or he's draining 30-foot putts on the golf course, or he's skipping a perfect curling match, Gerry can always be counted on to work his hardest and be a calming voice of reason for his teammates. And with only 16 PIM in his 696 games (an average of one penalty every two seasons), he is revered by players and opponents alike.

Congrats to the Boss Man!

Current Round Robin Standings

Feb 24, 2017

Pool A

Pool B


Feb 21, 2017

With the 2016-17 GWLHL regular season in the books, the playoff pools are set and teams are figuring out a game plan to get them into the semi's, to fight for the chance to play in the finals. Semi's will be on Wednesday, March 22, with the finals being on Thursday, March 23. The wind-up will take place immediately following the finals, at Winn City Pub at Pembina & Grant.

Pool A

Pool B

To ensure everyone knows exactly what they need to do to get to the semi's, here are the playoff tiebreakers:

Three or More Teams

1) Highest Goal Differential in games played against the other tied teams
2) Highest Goal Differential in games played against all teams in round-robin play
3) Team with least amount of total penalty minutes in their head-to-head game advances
4) Team with least amount of total penalty minutes in all of their round-robin games advances
5) Coin Toss

When a tie amongst 3 or more teams is broken resulting in a two team tie, the tie-breaking rules for two teams ties is used.

Two Teams

1) Head to head winner in round-robin play
2) Most Wins in round-robin play
3) Highest Goal Differential in round-robin play vs all teams
4) Least Goals Against in round-robin play vs all teams
5) Least Penalty Minutes in round-robin play vs all teams
6) Coin Toss

Hair falls out; Glory lasts forever… 700 Points for Jimmy J!

Feb 14, 2017

Jim “muscleman” Jennings, a 26-year veteran of the GWLHL and current captain of Team Green, reached the 700 points milestone on February 9th, 2017, in Green’s 4-3 loss to Grey. Jim became the 6th player in league history to reach 700 points. Pictured above is Jim with his 700th point puck, alongside a Jim from many, many, many years ago.

You’d be hard-pressed to find Jimmy J without a smile on his face. And rightfully so! The GWLHL Hall of Famer (elected in 05-06) currently sits 6th in all-time goals and assists with 351 and 348 respectively, and has only racked up 56 penalty minutes in 587 games. Jim’s 587 games played also has him 4th all-time among skaters, only behind other GWLHL Hall of Famers Gerry Boss, Ed Hunter, and Howie Wood. Jim, formerly one of the top bodybuilders in the country (evidence of which is above), decided to drop the weights and achieve his dream of being one of the best athletes that GWL has ever seen. Along with his 700 points in the GWLHL, Jim is one of the top playmakers in the GWL mixed soccer league, and is one of the best defenders on the pitch.

Congrats to Jimmy J for achieving this amazing feat!

600 Points!

Feb 14, 2017

This season, GWLHL veterans Gregg Melnyk and Roger Maguet have become the 8th and 9th players respectively to join the 600 point club. Melnyk recorded his 600th point in Teal’s January 5th game against Purple, while Maguet recorded his 600th in Orange’s January 25th game against Teal. Pictured above is Maguet with his 600th point puck; Melnyk’s captains dropped the ball and were unaware he was closing in on the milestone.

While their point total is similar, they took very different routes to get there.

Melnyk, the 28-year GWLHL veteran and aficionado of unsafe helmets, took 544 games to achieve the feat. It’s fitting that his 600th point was an assist, as assists have been his bread and butter during his career. Melnyk currently sits 5th on the career assists list with 425, only eight back of Sanjay Guliani in 4th place. Melnyk is a two-time Ken Richardson Award winner (04-05 and 15-16), and was elected into the GWLHL Hall of Fame in 09-10. Melnyk will be celebrating his 600th point in style, on the beaches of Costa Rica over the next two weeks.

Maguet, the 15-year veteran and hardest worker in the league (just ask anyone who has to play against him), took the more rounded approach, scoring and setting up goals at an almost equal pace. His 321 goals rank 3rd among active players and 8th all-time, sitting just 23 goals behind a retired Dave Devine. After taking eight seasons off to join Cirque du Soleil (or be a father and raise his children, whatever), Maguet re-joined the league last year without missing a beat, finishing 6th in league scoring on the last team in the league. As long as Maguet doesn’t decide to have more kids, he should have no issue catching up to Melnyk (currently six points back) if Melnyk keeps taking vacations during the season.

Great work, gentlemen!

Playoff Information

Feb 10, 2017

With only one game left in the 2016-2017 GWLHL season, almost nothing has been set in stone. Teal and Purple have first and second locked up and Green/Grey/Black have 8th/9th/10th locked up, the only thing left to be determined in the final game is the positioning.

Only two points separate 3rd from 7th, so the last game of the season is very important for the teams in the middle of the pack.

Here's how the pools will break down this year:

Pool A: 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 10th
Pool B: 2nd, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 9th

In the event that a tiebreaker is required, the following are the tiebreaker rules:

Between two teams:

1. Wins (overall vs all teams)
2. Wins in season series between the two tied teams
3. Highest plus/minus (overall vs all teams)
4. Most goals (overall vs all teams)
5. Team that scored 1st in their 1st head-to-head game

Amongst three or more teams:

1. Wins (overall vs all teams)
2. Highest plus/minus (overall vs all teams)
3. Highest plus/minus (in games played against the other tied teams)
4. Most goals (overall vs all teams)

When a tie amongst 3 or more teams is broken resulting in a two team tie, the tie-breaking rules for two teams ties is used.

Getting down to the nitty gritty

Feb 1, 2017

Week 17!

With only three regular season games left, every team is fighting for playoff positioning... and some teams are just grateful that every team makes the playoffs...

Blue plays Yellow on Wednesday @ 4:40. The first meeting of the season saw Yellow skate away with an 11-5 win, aided by a stellar 4 goal, 1 assist performance from Yellow sniper and Head Office basement-dweller Adam Janssens. But Blue has been on a tear lately, going 4-1-1 in their last six games. A win for Blue could mean a change in the standings that could greatly improve their playoff positioning.

White takes on Grey @ 5:00. The first time these teams met saw White beat a shorthanded Grey team 6-2, but Grey is hungry for points after going 0-5-1 in their last six. Points are at a premium for Grey this season and any they can grab will surely help come playoff-time. But they'll be in tough against a White team who is flying high after handing first-place Purple their second loss of the season last week.

Wednesday's games end with Red vs. Black @ 5:50. Red squeaked out a 3-2 win in the first match-up thanks to the game-winning goal from Red sophomore Gordon Yestrau (on pace for a career year in points), and they'll look to string two wins together for the first time in 2017. Black hasn't been able to add to their point total since a 3-2 win against Grey in week 12, so they're itching for some points.

Thursday's games begin with Purple taking on Green @ 4:40. Purple earned the 8-5 win the first time around, but both teams are angry after a loss last week. Purple hopes the return of long-time GWLHL veteran and former Ken Richardson Award winner Sanjay Guliani will propel them to the win, while Green hopes that all the goals they score this week are seen by the ref and actually count.

Week 17 ends with Teal vs. Orange @ 5:50. The first time these teams met this season saw the game end in a 2-2 tie. Teal thought they could run right over an Orange team with only six skaters, but they didn't take the "Ageless Wonder" Greg Martin into account. Greg stood on his head and helped keep Orange in the game. Both teams hope to extend their three-game winning streaks to four.

See you on the ice!

Week 16

Jan 25, 2017

Week 16 in the GWLHL will see rematches from week 7.

Wed, Jan 25, 2017, 4:40 -> Green vs. Teal
Wed, Jan 25, 2017, 5:00 -> Orange vs. Black
Wed, Jan 25, 2017, 5:50 -> Yellow vs. Red
Thu, Jan 26, 2017, 4:40 -> Blue vs. Grey
Thu, Jan 26, 2017, 5:50 -> Purple vs. White

Green, Black, Yellow, and Grey will all be looking to avenge their losses from the first time around. Grey hopes the temporary return of retired GWLHL Hall of Famer Dale Kilimnik will help them escape from the basement of the standings. Purple and White ended in a tie after White was able to score a last-minute goal, so both teams will try to earn the ever-important two points.

See you on the ice!

Week 15

Jan 18, 2017

Hopefully everyone has made a full recovery from another successful Hockey Day in Canada, as we're back to our regular schedule for week 15. Games are as follows:

Wednesday, January 18, 4:40 pm -> White vs. Teal
Wednesday, January 18, 5:00 pm -> Orange vs. Red
Wednesday, January 18, 5:50 pm -> Green vs. Black
Thursday, January 19, 4:40 pm -> Grey vs. Yellow
Thursday, January 19, 5:50 pm -> Purple vs. Blue

2017 Hockey Day in Canada!

Jan 10, 2017

Only four days away, the biggest spectacle in Winnipeg sports takes place this Saturday, January 14th at Varsity View Community Centre (315 Laxdal Road), with the annual GWLHL Hockey Day in Canada!

Anticipation is high and the tension is palpable as everyone's favourite weekend (especially Winnipeg's vendors and LC's) will see all 10 teams in action. The schedule of games is as follows:

9:30 -> Teal vs Grey
10:45 -> Green vs Orange
12:00 -> Purple vs Yellow
13:15 -> White vs Red
14:30 -> Black vs Blue

Dressing room assignments will be posted on the walls inside.

In regular fashion, the players from the GWLWHL will also be joining us. This means we have a busy schedule, so please ensure to stick to the "30 minutes before, 30 minutes after" rule in the dressing room so you're not holding up the game after yours. The beer garden will be freshly stocked with lots of beverages to whet your whistle, and doors open at 11:00 so feel free to head on over after your game.

The forecast looks promising at the moment, but that can change at an instant so don't show up unprepared. Hope everyone can hit the ice and enjoy the festivities!

Gord & Adam

Team Orange Signs Free Agent Andy Kenyon to a 1-Year Contract

Jan 6, 2017

Winnipeg, Manitoba, January 5, 2017...Team Orange of the GWLHL announced today the acquisition of the much touted free agent Andy Kenyon. Kenyon, a veteran of the GWLHL, has over 213 games in the league. With 228 points (1.07 PPG) in his career, he is currently ranked 64th in the leagues all time scoring list.

“We had a recent opening and we knew that we needed to make a deal to bring Andy on board,” said Craig Robb, Owner, General Manager, Coach and Co-Captain for Team Orange. “We saw the skill and impact he brings to the ice when he helped deliver a cup last year and we know he’ll make an immediate impact with us.”

After the season started, Andy remained a free agent holding out for a big contract. While he began considering a retirement from the GWLHL, he continued training to be ready when the right deal came along.

“I wasn’t sure that I was ready to retire and I’m very excited to be returning to Team Orange where I have had success in the past,” said Kenyon. “The initial offers from Robb were too low but after intense negotiations and the addition of a ‘hotdog performance bonus clause’, I am pleased that we were able to make it work.”

Kenyon will get his first chance when he takes to the ice on January 11th against Team Yellow, followed by the Winter Classic game on short rest on January 14th.

Starting 2017 off with a bang!

Jan 4, 2017

After almost two weeks off for the Christmas break, the second half of the 2016-17 season gets underway with games today and tomorrow.

Grey takes on Black in the first game at 4:40 . The first match-up of the season in week two ended in a 4-4 tie after Grey gave up a heartbreaking goal with only five seconds left in the third. Both teams hope to snag the W and add to their point total on the season.

Yellow plays Green in the 5:00 game . Yellow skated away with a 5-1 win in the first meeting this year, but Green spent the Christmas break carbo-loading and will surely come out flying in their quest for redemption.

The final game of Wednesday will see Orange meet White @ 5:50 . Orange took the first game in a 5-2 win after three point performances from rookies Tim Hook and Jordan Sobey. Orange ended 2016 going 0-1-3 and will look to end their down-slide after a hot start to the season.

Thursday kicks off with Teal vs. Purple @ 4:40 . Purple is still reeling from their 7-7 tie in week two against Teal, when Teal (with their goalie pulled) managed to sneak two goals past Purple Hall-of-Famer Rick "Wolfer" Wolfson with only 11 seconds left. Purple sniper Reggie Goodfellow hopes that someone other than himself will be able to get a puck on net this time after scoring all seven goals last game.

Week 12 ends with Red taking on Blue @ 5:50 . Red got a hat-trick from veteran Kevin Hawryluk and skated away with a 6-5 win last game, but Blue and dynamic scoring duo (and soccer besties) Adam Conci and Andrew Wardrop will look to change the script this time around and come away with the win, which would get them closer into the middle of the standings at this crucial point in time when every point matters leading into playoffs.

Back at the Top of the Order

Dec 13, 2016

Week 10 sees a return to the match-ups from week 1.

Green takes on Blue at 4:40 on Wednesday. Blue was victorious in week 1, cruising to a hard-fought 4-2 win despite a gutsy two-goal performance by Green captain Lucas "Banger" Chandler. Banger and the rest of the Green crew will try to smoke Blue this week in their quest for redemption.

Purple plays Red in the 5:00 game. Purple came away from the first game of the year with the 6-2 win, but Red father/son duo Doc (Bruce) and Brian Boyd will look to end Purple's unbeaten streak on the season. Even though Purple has faltered lately with two ties in their last three games, Red has a tough task ahead of them in trying to shut down assist machine Sanjay Guliani.

The final game on Wednesday will see Orange meet Grey at 5:50. The first meeting of the season saw Orange skate away with the 8-3 win, but Grey and Grey leading scorer Joey Reuther hope that Grey has a better turnout than they had in Week 1, when they were only able to ice eight skaters. Joey's teammates simply hope that Joey is able to get away from his pre-game meeting with enough time to make it to the game.

Thursday has White taking on Yellow at 4:40 in one of the most anticipated rematches of the year. Yellow earned a 6-3 win in their first meeting, but White and their league high five rookies will hope to have more chemistry than they had in the first match-up. Both teams are coming off heartbreaking losses in week nine, and will do everything they can to ensure there's no repeat this week.

The final game of week 10 will have Teal taking on Black at 5:50. Black lost the first game 6-1 but will be hungry coming off a massive win (their first of the year) in week nine. Teal, and early front-runner for "largest point differential between seasons (on a non-Reggie team)" candidate Jamie Lyon, will look to replicate their dominating performance from week one.

Trying something new

Dec 13, 2016

In what appears to be a GWLHL first, a regular-season game between Red and Teal was played 4 on 4 for the entire game.

Both teams were extremely short-handed, with eight skaters per team being the best case scenario. After a discussion between your wonderful conveners and the Red and Teal captains before the game, it was decided that the game would be played 4 on 4 to ensure the spirit of the league was followed: having fun and staying competitive, first and foremost. Anyone who has played a game with less than nine skaters will know that taking six minute shifts and only getting a breather twice a period isn't very fun (for most of us, anyways), and playing the game 4 on 4 was the best way to avoid that.

The game went off without a hitch. Both teams had two lines of four skaters and everyone managed to make it to the end of the game without passing out from exhaustion. Red finished with eight skaters and Teal finished with seven (lower-body injury), along with the 5-1 win.

Future 4 on 4 games are a possibility, provided both teams have eight skaters or less and a discussion between the team captains and the conveners takes place beforehand.

Anyone with complaints about how the stats are forever skewed for those 16 skaters and how anyone who played had better have an asterisk beside their name in the history books can direct their complaints/grievances to

Week 9

Dec 7, 2016

After some technical difficulties with the website last week, everything appears to be back in order. Hopefully everyone is able to navigate the snowy streets and make it to the rink for their game this week. Here's what the schedule looks like:

Wed 16:40 Rink 2 Grey vs. Green
Wed 17:00 Rink 1 Blue vs. White
Wed 17:50 Rink 2 Red vs. Teal
Thu 16:40 Rink 2 Orange vs. Purple
Thu 17:50 Rink 2 Yellow vs. Black

Good luck to all teams and drive safe!

Week 6 - The Pursuit of a W

Nov 15, 2016

Week 6 - The Pursuit of a W

Week six starts off on Wednesday with Blue vs. Purple @ 4:40. Blue will have a tough task ahead of them as Purple is coming off a 10-5 win against Grey last week where Reggie Goodfellow had his 2nd seven goal game of the season. Asked how his team plans on shutting Reggie down, Blue veteran Alex Anspikian was quoted as saying, "Reggie who? Is he a rookie? Never heard of him."

Grey takes on Yellow @ 5:00. Yellow is riding high after their 8-3 win against Orange last week which dethroned Orange from the top of the standings, while Grey is still searching for their first win of the season. Only time will tell if Grey's game plan of "respectfully asking Yellow's Greg Schmidt to allow a few weak goals" will be successful.

Wednesday ends with White vs. Teal @ 5:50. White battled back in the third to earn a 2-2 tie last week vs. Black, while Teal coasted to a 6-1 win vs. Blue on the back of a stellar performance from rookie goaltender Russell Rollins. Russell and Teal lucked out in last week's game as Blue seemed to forget the goal of hockey is to shoot the puck past the goalie, not directly in his open glove while he's frantically looking around trying to find it.

Black plays Green @ 4:40 on Thursday in the Game of the Week, as the first win of the season continues to elude both teams. Green needs to get their goal scoring on track as they are currently operating at a league-low 1.4 goals/game, but Black defenseman and captain Gary Bayko will look to subdue Green's offense in his return from a short-lived suspension for very politely letting a referee know that there must be something terribly wrong with his eyes and he should see an optometrist ASAP, out of genuine concern for his health. Gary was unaware that refs hate optometrists and the mere mention of the word will earn you an immediate suspension. Lesson learned.

The final game of week 6 sees Orange vs. Red @ 5:50. A despondent Orange team will look to shake off their 8-3 loss last week which tore them from the top of the leader board, but they'll be in tough against a Red team who are coming off a week five shutout of Green and are flying high in some new jerseys.

If You Ain't Dutch, You Ain't Much

Nov 8, 2016

If You Ain't Dutch, You Ain't Much

After a one-year hiatus, the Teerhuis cousins are back at it this week for their Christmas-Dinner-Table-Bragging-Rights game as Team White (Kris) faces off against Team Black (David) this Wednesday at 5:50.

The younger and slightly-hairier Teerhuis leads White's young guns into battle while the older and self-proclaimed ‘better looking’ Teerhuis follows along with the rest of the hot-dog-eating-gang that is Team Black.

It guarantees to be your typical, run-of-the-mill GWLHL game, filled with bad plays and even poorer decisions. However, if you notice an overabundance of fans in the stands, yes those are family members, not secret scouts for Cheveldayoff, so quit showing off, they ain't there to see you if your name isn't Teerhuis.

Battle for the Ages in week 4

Nov 1, 2016

Battle for the Ages in week 4

Week 4 in the 2016-2017 GWLHL season will start off with a game between White and Red at 4:40 on Wednesday. White, led by rookie sensation Mitchell Link, will look to get back to .500 after losses in weeks 1 and 3, while Red, led by recent inductee into the 500 Point Club and scarf aficionado Dan Nord, will try to extend their winning streak to three games after an opening week loss.

Black faces Blue in the 5:00 game as both teams will play on Rink 1 for the first time. Blue captain Adam Conci is on pace for a career year in points and is leading his team by example while Black's David Teerhuis will try to keep Conci off the scoresheet in David's third game back in the league after taking three seasons off to try finding himself (didn't work).

The game of the week will see Yellow take on Purple in the 5:50 game. After a seven goal performance against a Teal team with only six skaters last week, Purple's Reggie Goodfellow has found his rightful place back at the top of the scoring leaderboard. But Yellow's Sean Brokop is nipping at his heels sitting just three points back, and will look to continue his torrid pace (for him) of one assist per game after finally being informed that he is not required to always be the last guy on his team to touch the puck before it crosses the goal line.

Thursday's games start off with Teal taking on Grey at 4:40. Teal hopes to have more than six skaters this week after an incredibly tiring 7-7 tie last game (which included two goals with an empty net with 10 and 2 seconds left), and will look to be aided by returning player Martin Hulme. Martin was roped back in to playing in the GWLHL to replace Teal's Wayne Croitor after Wayne was injured in Teal's first game of the year. Grey looks to add to their point total after losses in the first two weeks and a heartbreaking tie last week when the game-tying goal against was allowed with only 5 seconds left.

In the final game of the week, Green takes on Orange at 5:50. Green will look to get their offense going after only managing three goals in their first three games, but they'll be in tough against an Orange powerhouse sitting at the top of the standings, on the backs of dynamic rookie duo Tim Hook & Jordan Sobey and ageless wonder Greg Martin.

Week 2

Oct 18, 2016

With week 1 out of the way, half of the teams are chomping at the bit to get their first points of the season in week 2.

Wednesday sees all five losing teams from week 1 in action, with Purple also in action as the only team who tasted sweet victory in their first game. Thursday sees the rest of the week 1 winners engage in battle. Both days are sure to include hard-fought games as teams will either be trying to get their first points of the season, or continue their winning streak.

Wed 16:40 Rink 2 Red - Grey
Wed 17:00 Rink 1 Green - White
Wed 17:50 Rink 2 Black - Purple
Thu 16:40 Rink 2 Blue - Orange
Thu 17:50 Rink 2 Yellow - Teal

OH MY! Look who joined the 500 Point Club!

Oct 14, 2016

OH MY! Look who joined the 500 Point Club!

In his 245th career GWLHL game, veteran Dan Nord became the 17th player to join the 500 point club after scoring a goal in the first game of the season on Wednesday. League experts know there's a possibility that Dan may only play one game a year, so it was important for him to reach this milestone in the first game since he may not make another one.

As a child growing up on the rolling plains of Manitoba, Dan was always told that he'd never accomplish his dream of being one of the first 20 players to reach 500 points in the GWLHL. Dan's parents, siblings, teachers, friends, as well as random strangers on the street, all reminded him every day, just to make sure he never forgot. But he didn't let that stop him. No sir, the naysayers weren't going to hold him down. He spent dozens of minutes every week working on his hockey skills. Honing his craft. Learning. Growing. And now, at the tender age of (age removed at Dan's request), Dan has finally accomplished the only thing he's been dreaming about since he was a wee lad.

Dan was overheard in the locker room screaming "I hope you've all been taking notes!", "You'll never see another player like me!", and "I'm going to Disney World!" at his Red teammates after the game on Wednesday. The fact that Red lost the game was a mere footnote in the best day of Dan's life.

Look for the above picture as a full-page ad that Dan has purchased in the Winnipeg Free Press this Sunday, with the caption "Told ya. Suck it."

Successful first week in the books!

Oct 14, 2016

The first week of the 2016-2017 season went off without a hitch. There were some concerns that the teams playing in the new 5:00 game on Rink 1 may get confused at the prospect of playing in a new rink, and get lost in the gallows of Canlan trying to find Rink 1 after decades of only playing on Rink 2, but it looks like there were no issues.

Only one team, Purple, was able to ice their full squad. Every other team was missing at least one guy. The shortest squad was Black, starting their game with eight skaters and finishing with seven. They'll look to get some important players back before their next game against Purple.

Week two is just around the corner!

Season underway this Wednesday

Oct 11, 2016

Season underway this Wednesday

The 2016-2017 GWLHL season gets underway with our first game of the season on Wednesday, October 12, 2016.

The schedule for the first week is as follows:

Wednesday, Rink 2 - 4:40 pm: Red vs. Purple
Wednesday, Rink 1 - 5:00 pm: Grey vs. Orange
Wednesday, Rink 2 - 5:50 pm: Blue vs. Green
Thursday, Rink 2 - 4:40 pm: Teal vs. Black
Thursday, Rink 2 - 5:50 pm: Yellow vs. White

Grey takes on Orange in the inaugural 5:00 game on Rink 1. Hopefully everyone is able to find the rink and can mentally handle a game that isn't being played at 4:40 or 5:50.

Looking forward to a great season!

GWLHL Sold Out - Registration is closed

Sep 25, 2016

GWLHL Sold Out - Registration is closed

Due to a high level of interest in the 2016-2017 GWLHL season, the league has not only sold out but has actually received enough registrations to expand by two teams!

For the first time since the 2009-2010 season, the GWLHL will play this season with 10 teams. The league has seen a steady increase in registrations over the past few seasons, from being six players short of capacity two seasons ago to full capacity last season to over-capacity and expansion this season. This should act as a reminder to everyone that registrations should be submitted as soon as possible and no one should ever assume there will be enough space for them to submit late.

Thanks to everyone who signed up and apologies to those who didn't make it into the league this year.

The Rookie Game and GWLHL Draft will take place on Thursday, October 6. The first games of the regular season will begin on Wednesday, October 12.

The 2016-2017 Season is Open for Registration

Sep 7, 2016

The 2016-2017 Season is Open for Registration

Greetings from your 2016-2017 GWLHL Conveners, Adam Broome and Gord Wilcox.

The registration form for the upcoming season is now available on The Zone:

Registration fees for the season will be $385 for GWL employees (i.e. Staff Club members) and $430 for external players (non-Staff Club members). GWL staff can choose to have their registration fees taken in three equal payroll withdrawals (October 14th, October 28th, and November 11th) or paid by cheque.

As always, games will take place weekly at Canlan Ice Sports at 1871 Ellice Ave, on Wednesdays and Thursdays with ice times of either 4:40 PM or 5:50 PM.

The rookie game and draft will take place on Thursday October 6th at 5:50, with the regular season commencing the following week on Wednesday October 12th and Thursday October 13th. Hockey Day in Canada, the GWLHL’s annual day of outdoor games, is scheduled to take place on Saturday, January 14th at Varsity View Community Club. The season will conclude with the championship game on Thursday, March 23rd, with the windup at Winn City Pub immediately to follow.

Register now, as spots are on a first come, first served basis!

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