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Week 1 Match-ups are Set

Oct 7, 2017

With the 2017-2018 GWLHL draft in the books it's time to take those teams that each captain pairing thinks looks so good on paper and test them to see if that translates to the ice in any way shape or form. Week 1 begins with games on Wednesday October 11th and Thursday October 12th and the match-ups are as follows:

Game 1 - Wednesday at 4:40 - White vs. Blue

Team Blue's captains Adam Conci and Erik Sproll return from last year sporting an entirely new lineup and will face first time GWLHL captains Mitchell Link and Simon Schaubroeck. Will experience prevail or will the GWLHL's newest captains show all the grizzled vets they'll be a force to be reckoned with?

Game 2 - Wednesday at 5:00 (on Rink 1) - Rouge vs. Orange

Game 2 features two returning captain pairs from last year as Troy Woods and Gord Dowhan's Rouge (yes Rouge, not Red) team takes on Craig Robb & Greg Martin's Orange. This should be a great match-up assuming enough players remember the change in our regular start time and rink due to a scheduling conflict and don't show up to the wrong rink 50 minutes late. The only question is why wasn't this game scheduled a little later in the season after Orange gets their new reversible jerseys so players can actually tell the two teams apart on the ice? I blame the Convener. Expect a lot of passes to the wrong team.

Game 3 - Thursday at 4:40 - Teal vs. Black

Two powerhouse offenses collide when Teal featuring the GWLHL's all time leading scorer Reggie Goodfellow takes on Black featuring the likes of perennial point producers Joey Reuther, Jay Duggan, and Sanjay Guliani. Calls to Vegas to get the over/under for this game were not returned as of press time but trust me, take the over.

Game 4 - Thursday at 5:50 - Green vs. Yellow

The final game of the week is sure to be a barn burner as another two returning captain pairings from last year face off with Green's Tim Grant and Reinhart Waldner taking the ice against what's sure to be their #1 nemesis all year long, Yellow's Brian Boyd and Jeremy Dick. While Boyd and Dick are sporting a very different lineup from a year ago Grant and Waldner were clearly shamelessly trying to pick the same team again that they took all the way to triple OT of the final last year before losing a heart-breaker on a terrible fluke goal. 6 players from that team that lost in the final return for another shot at GWLHL glory so we'll see which team's strategy pays off in week 1.

A New Season...New Possibilities...Mostly same old Captains

Sep 28, 2017

The rookie game and draft is right around the corner on Thursday Oct 5th and unbridled optimism is in the air as this year's 16 captains plan their draft strategies to assemble their dream team of GWLHLers to take them to the promised land of a coveted GWLHL Championship...or, failing that, at least draft a fun dressing room of guys to shoot the (expletive deleted) with in the room and Hooters one demoralizing loss after another all season long.

With 12 of this year's 16 captains returning from last season the draft room is sure to be filled with a lot of familiarity and even more contempt. A new GWLHL Champion captain pair will be crowned this season as last year's Championship co-captains both decided to quit while they were ahead and rode off into the sunset on a winning note.

This year's captain pairings are:

Team Black: Joey Reuther & Kristian Regnier
Team Blue: Adam Conci & Erik Sproll
Team Green: Tim Grant & Reinhart Waldner
Team Orange: Craig Robb & Greg Martin
Team Rouge: Troy Woods & Gord Dowhan
Team Teal: Clay Bittner & Michael Geith
Team White: Mitchell Link & Simon Schaubroeck
Team Yellow: Jeremy Dick & Brian Boyd

The season kicks off on Wednesday Oct 11th and Thursday Oct 12th so get your hot dog machines and coolers ready!

Registration Update - Sold Out as of 9/11/17

Sep 6, 2017

Registration is now sold out for the 2017-2018 GWLHL season. If you would like to play this season but haven't signed up yet please send in a registration form and you will be placed on a waiting/replacement list. We will be going back to an 8 team league this year based on the number of registrations received so there will be no weekly Wednesday 5:00pm ice times this year, just the usual Wednesday & Thursday 4:40 and 5:50 ice times.

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