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Playoffs Week #6 - Final Championship Game

Mar 18, 2019

It was a packed house on Friday for the 2018-2019 GWLWHL final championship game between Team Blue and Team Orange!

Talk about edge-of-your-seat excitement!!! It was a thrilling game from beginning to end, even though there were no goals scored until the third period. Both teams matched up well which made for a fun game to watch. Team Blue scored first near the beginning of the third period, then scored another six minutes later. Up 2-0, it seemed like a sure thing for Blue until Team Orange managed to score soon after Blue's second goal. With Orange fighting even harder for another goal, leave it to them to score and tie up the game in dramatic fashion with only 21 seconds left! It was now 2-2 and as the clock ran out, it was time for a shootout. Blue's first attempt was a goal as well as Orange's first. Blue missed on the second attempt but Orange scored, leaving Blue having to score on their third attempt in order to keep going. Unfortunately after playing an amazing game, Blue missed on their third attempt and Team Orange became the 2018-2019 GWLWHL champions! Congratulations Team Orange!!!!!!

Mel and I hope everyone enjoyed the season and the windup! It was a lot of fun and we wish you all a great summer.

See you in October!!!

Playoffs Week #5

Mar 11, 2019

In case you missed it, some intense GWLWHL semi-final action was happening at the WWC this past Friday night between Team Blue and Team Purple and it all started off with no one knowing which team was "home" or "away"! Once that mess was sorted and benches were switched, the game got underway.

It was the Blue team that scored first near the end of the first period and netted another early in the second. Purple responded midway in the second period with one goal, but Blue answered back only a minute after that. Team Purple was able to score one last goal before the second period was done and heading into the third, it was a 4-2 lead for Blue. Although the Purple team may have had after-game beers on the mind by the third period, it didn't stop them from putting every effort into the game, even though they were only 9 players strong.

After a hard fought game by both teams, Team Blue was victorious with a 4-2 win and will now face off with Team Orange in the final championship game on Friday, March 15th!!! Way to go, Team Blue!!

Team Blue and Team Orange have met 3 times during the regular season and once during the playoffs. With the outcome favouring Team Orange for all but one game (which resulted in a tie), you can be sure both teams will be extremely energetic on the ice right from puck drop until the whistle blows at the end of the game. Don't miss the action!! Good luck to both teams!!!

Once the 2018-2019 GWLWHL winner is crowned, please join the league upstairs in the Riverview Room for food, drinks, prizes, and DANCING! It's the perfect time to meet the players you have seen on the ice and played with all season and you can finally learn what they look like beyond the helmet!

Playoffs Week #4

Mar 5, 2019

Better late than never! Your weekly playoff report is here and although there were only two games on Friday, that doesn't mean there were only two games worth of excitement!!!!

First off, Team Yellow took on Team Purple in a nail-biter of a game. Both teams ended up lower than they wanted to be in the regular season standings and now faced each other in an important elimination game. Who would move on to the semi-finals??? It was anyone's guess as the puck dropped and the game got underway. Purple scored their first goal just over a minute into the game and scored two more in the second period, lifting them ahead 3-0. Yellow made many good passing plays, however they weren't able to get the puck past Purple goaltender, Melanie. With a final score of 3-0, Purple will advance to the semi-finals but would have to wait for the second game of the night to end to find out their opponent.

Team Orange versus Team Blue was up next and even with both teams having the previous week off, neither team looked rusty as they came off the bench to start the game. Orange got the game's first goal, taking a note from Team Purple by scoring early. They followed this goal with another two minutes later. Just over halfway through the first period, the Blue team got their first goal and after that, both teams turned the intensity up. With many fans cheering from the bench, Team Orange used that momentum to score four more goals in the second period alone. Despite the many shot attempts by Team Blue, they only scored two more goals, ending the game with a score of 6-3...a win for Team Orange. They advance to the final game with this win!

Coming up on Friday, March 8th at 7:45pm - it's the moment you've been waiting for... or maybe you're just waiting for the final championship game... in any case, the upcoming game will be a defining moment in the 2018-2019 GWLWHL season: who will take on Team Orange to win it all?!? It's a Blue versus Purple extravaganza and we want YOU to come to the rink to cheer the teams on! During the course of the regular season, Purple and Blue matched up three times, with Blue winning two out of the three games. This is sure to be a marvelous and zesty game so don't miss the action!!!!!!

Playoffs Week #3

Feb 25, 2019

WOW - what a night to be alive! And what a night in the GWLWHL for week 3 of the playoffs! Elimination was a possibility for all teams facing off this week, but only the most hungry would move on...

After losing to Team Red during week 1 of the playoffs, Yellow enjoyed the extra week off to rest and prepare for the competition - which turned out to be Team Green, who beat Purple 4-2 during week 1. The last time these two teams met during the regular season, Green beat Yellow with a score of 7-1, leaving Yellow wanting to flip that score around in their favour for game 1 of the night. What followed was an intense and exciting game with Green getting on the scoreboard first just over a minute into the first period. Yellow soon evened the score with an unbelievable pass of the puck from Brenda Duncan, while on her knees! Only in the playoffs, people! After one, it was now 2-1 for Yellow. Both teams added one goal each in the second period and then in the third, it was Yellow leading with a score of 4-3 when Green squeaked the puck into the net with just 15 seconds left! Cue the shootout (the second one so far in the playoffs)! After three shooters each, it was Ashley Verot who won it for Yellow, advancing her team to face Team Purple next Friday.

Speaking of Team Purple, they were up next against Team Red for game 2 of the night. During the regular season, Team Red won all but one of the matchups against Purple, leaving Purple ready to get the win this time - and with only 7 seconds into the game, they opened up the scoring. With another goal under their belts not long after that, Red responded by scoring one just before the halfway mark of the first period. It seemed as though bodies were flying everywhere during most of the game as both teams kept fighting to advance to week 4, and heading into the third period, Purple was up 5-2 but Red wouldn't give up that easily. Even with Red's Kari Tkach scoring a screened shot with four minutes left, it was Purple who pulled off the win, getting one last buzzer-beating goal with 0:01 seconds left to make the score 7-3. With Red and Green now out of the playoffs and Orange and Blue both advancing early after week 2, fourth place Purple will take on sixth place Yellow for week 4 with the winner going on to the semi-finals. Following the Yellow and Purple game, top Team Orange will face their Blue rivals for a highly anticipated game that's sure to deliver some stellar goals from the players.

Let's increase the fan attendance for week 4!!! Team Yellow and Team Purple will need YOUR support as they both face elimination. Following that, the long awaited match-up between Team Orange and Team Blue is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Come out and support your favourite team! What else are you going to do on a cold, dark, Winnipeg winter night?!?!?!?

Playoffs Week #2

Feb 18, 2019

The first game of the night was Team Orange versus Team Green. This was a very fast paced game right from beginning to end. Team Orange squeezed a couple goals in the first period, leading 2-0. With no scoring until four and a half minutes left in the second, Team Green scored and then Team Orange followed up with another goal to end the second period 3-1. Although the third period had lots of shots on both goalies, again there was no scoring until under 5 minutes left. Three more goals scored by Team Orange to end the game 6-1.

Game two proved to be a nail biter right from the beginning to the end. Team Red scored the first goal early in the 1st period and held this lead until 8:50 in the second. Team Blue scored two goals 4 minutes apart in the second and held the score to 2-1 until the last minute of the period. With 14 seconds left in the second period, Team Red tied it up. With no scoring in the 3rd period, this game went into a shootout. Goals were scored on both sides with the first shooters and Team Blue's second shooter - Becky scores on her attempt. The goalies stopped all other shoots and Team Blue wins the game.

Stay tuned for next week where
Team Yellow plays Team Green at 6:30
Team Purple plays Team Red at 7:45

Wind up this year will follow the last game on March 15. If you are not playing, make sure you try to come out and cheer on your second favorite color. Then once we have crowned our 2019 champions, please join us in the Riverview Room at the Winter club for food, drinks and dancing. An invitation will be coming in the next week to get attendance numbers.

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Standings - Regular Season

Regular Season *  Playoff Season
Team GP W L T Pts
Orange 16 10 2 4 24
Blue 16 8 4 4 20
Red 16 7 3 6 20
Green 16 4 8 4 12
Purple 16 4 8 4 12
Yellow 16 2 10 4 8

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