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Week 9

Dec 10, 2018

Week 9 was a rough one for most of the teams in the GWLWHL as the holiday season began and claimed many players to parties rather than to the ice.

Team Yellow faced Team Blue in the first game of the night with both teams needing to call up spare players to the benches. In what some may say was a game mostly ruled by Team Blue, the game resulted in a 0-0 tie, with the Yellow team's goalie making some spectacular saves to help keep them in it to win it. Currently, the Blue team remains in the league's second spot with 12 points while Team Yellow looks to move up to fifth place next week.

In a rematch of the season's first Christmas game which ended in a tie, the Green team planned to keep Team Red "snowed in" on the bench but that didn't happen. Someone roll the highlight reel for Team Red's Naomi Litman and Joy Levesque, as Naomi would set them up and Joy would put them into the back of the net, sending the crowd into a frenzy as they watched the dynamic duo's dazzling display. Team Green fought back late in the third when Ginette Lafreniere scored off a sweet rebounded shot, but time ran out before the Green team could make a comeback, ending in a 2-1 game win for Red.

Game 3 was between Team Purple and Team Orange. Orange has prevailed over Purple all season and this week was no exception. Up three goals by the end of the first period alone, Team Orange continued to pass the puck like seasoned veterans, scoring three more goals for a 6-0 win. Although it may have been a loss for the Purple team on the ice, they plan to "win" with their food at next week's holiday potluck at the rink!

December 14th is the last week of games before the Christmas break. Come and cheer on your pals from the stands and watch as Team Green will face Team Orange, Team Blue takes on Team Purple, and Team Red plays Team Yellow.

Week 8

Dec 3, 2018

As we descend upon December with only a few games remaining before the New Year, the Friday night match-ups for Week 8 were tough ones with the league's teams all trying to get to the top of the regular season standings.

Game 1 featured Team Green against Team Blue. In what was a nail biter of a game, Team Blue was the dominant force, scoring their first goal just over a minute into the game. Energized from snagging the lead so early, they continued to shut down almost all of Team Green's chances to score, holding Green to just 8 shots on goal over all three periods. With an impressive 33 shots on goal, it was clear that Blue was fighting hard to jump up to first spot in the overall league standings. With a 3-1 win, they sit second in the league behind the Orange team by just one point.

Game 2 saw Team Red take on Team Purple. Although no goals were scored in the first period, it was the Red team who shut down most of Team Purple's chances to skate out of their zone with the puck. After two periods, the score was 1-0 for Red, and with Sherry Shindruk scoring her first goal of the season for Team Purple early in the third, it was now a tie game. Team Purple thought they would ask the Red team if they'd be okay with ending the game in a tie, but they declined and decided to go for the full two points by scoring three more goals, ending the game with a 4-1 win and claiming third place in the standings.

Game 3 of the night was between Team Orange and Team Yellow. As we all know, there is no love lost between these citrus rivals and Team Orange made sure Yellow knew it, with Captain Misty scoring two goals in the first period to put them up 2-0. The Yellow team came out of the gates quick to start the second period to try to put a sour lemon taste in the mouths of Team Orange but before they knew it, it was now 4-1 in Orange's favour heading into the third. Even with two goals scored by Yellow's Ashley Verot in the third period (getting her a hat trick in the game), it was Rei Watanabe on the Orange team who scored her first goal of the season with 50 seconds left on the clock to put the final nail in the coffin and keep her team on top of the league with 12 points.

Week 7

Nov 26, 2018

Week 7 brought a whole ton o' fun to the GWLWHL on Friday night! The first game of the evening was between Team Purple and Team Orange. The Orange team had to request a spare player as many of their own skaters were busy Black Friday shopping, but that didn't stop the team from getting their own "great deal" on the ice by winning the match 3-0. They opened up the scoring early on in the first period and managed to shut down many of Team Purple's shooting attempts. Taking note of the Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota Wild's own bench brawl in their game on the same night, GWLWHL conveners Melody Zeller (Orange) and Jennifer Smith (Purple) tried to get both their teams energized by starting something with their own battle along the boards for the puck. It didn't result in a full bench clearing scuffle...this time!

The second game of the night saw Team Yellow take on Team Blue. Both teams took advantage in the first period to analyze and observe the other team's players as this was their first meeting of the GWLWHL season. After a scoreless first period, the Blue team were the first to get on the board, scoring two in the second - one from goal-scoring machine, Chantal "La-la-la-la-la" LaFreniere. Captain Megan on Team Yellow scored early in the third period, but a backhand shot from Team Blue's Sheila Wilson-Kowal that rebounded off the helmet of the Yellow team's goalie and in, helped to solidify Blue's win. These two teams will meet up again in just two weeks for another electrifying match up.

Christmas came early this year as Team Red took on Team Green in the night's last game to determine who would have to leave the cookies out for Santa. Team Red checked their list twice and was set to deny the Green team of any Christmas cheer by scoring with just over a minute into the game. But when Green's spare player, Chantal "La-la-la-la-la" LaFreniere scored with three seconds left in the first period (is there any team she CAN'T score for?!?), the Green Grinches were ready to bring Christmas to a full stop for the Red team. With plenty of scoring chances for both teams in the second and third periods - especially with Green's Ginette Lafreniere setting up her teammates by making spectacular backhand passes all over the ice - in the end it was a tie game, leaving Santa unable to decide who was naughty and who was nice.

Week 6 and Harv-Al Clothing Store Extension

Nov 19, 2018

This week saw Round 2 between the GWLWHL teams, starting off with Team Red against Team Yellow. When they first met up this season, the score was 3-0 in Red's favour. Team Yellow was hoping to reverse that outcome this time and get their revenge, however the Red team was a dominant force throughout the game. Though Team Yellow was held to just 6 shots on goal in total, they worked hard to only allow the Red team to score one goal in the game, which came halfway through the third period. Next week, the Yellow team will face Team Blue for the first time this season in which should be an exciting game! Team Red will play Team Green in the season's first Christmas-themed game.

The second pairing was a real barnburner of a game between Team Orange and Team Blue, with both teams fighting for top spot in the league. The Orange team opened up the scoring, but it was Blue's Captain Carolyn who evened it up, scoring her third of the year under the "watchful" eye of fans in the stands. Orange continued the scoring in the second period, but after another season hat trick for Team Blue's Becky Chervinski and a goal from Blue's Desiree Ferbers, the score was tied up once again at 5 each. With just under two minutes to go in the game, after Team Orange was up 6-5, the Blue Team pulled their goalie, hoping to at least end the game in a tie. But with Orange's Breanne Awang getting an empty net goal (and her first hat trick of the year) with only a minute and a half left in the game, the "Orange Crushes" pulled off the win 7-5.

The final bout of the night involved Team Green and Team Purple with each team hoping the game wouldn't end in a tie as it did when they first faced each other during Week 1. After skating hard back and forth and end to end, both teams were shooting as many pucks on the net as they could, resulting in a 2-2 tie after two periods. Then, a lively Green team took the league's fourth penalty of the year, opening the game up to a flurry of goals by Team Purple, one of which was scored on the PP by Purple's "she who must not be named" for her first of the year. The game did not end in another tie, with Purple taking home the win 5-2.

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Week 5

Nov 12, 2018

Although the weather may be getting colder outside, things were really heating up inside the rink this week in the GWLWHL.

The first game of the night was between Team Purple and Team Yellow. After falling to a strong Green team last week, the Yellow team was looking for a win this week, while Team Purple was just happy to have more than 9 skaters on the ice! The Yellow team was fighting hard, shutting down almost all opportunities for Purple to score, until Purple's Ericka Halldorson managed to squeak one over the goal line. Up by one after the first, Yellow answered back just over midway through the second and the score was now tied. But even with 20 shots on goal, Team Yellow couldn't get any more pucks past Purple goalie Melanie and the game ended in this season's fifth tie.

Game 2 saw Team Orange take on Team Green. While the shots on goal were fairly even, the scoreboard told a different story when it came to goals. With 14 seconds left in the first period, Team Orange scored their third of the night when a bouncing puck went up and over Green's goalie and into the net, putting them up 3-0 after one. After a quick pep talk in between periods, Green was ready to get something going during the second but Orange shut them down, scoring three more goals. After scoring another two in the first half of the third period, Team Orange was now leading 8-0. In what some may call the "TSN turning point" of the game, Team Green's "Sniper 2.0", Chrisanne Beisick, netted her third goal of the season, trying to get her team energized. Green managed to score one more, but Orange pulled off the win 9-2.

Team Blue played Team Red in Game 3 of the night, with the Blue team being the dominant team of the two, scoring 3 goals in the first period alone. Not letting up, Red was able to get on the board when a pass from behind the net landed on Naomi Litman's stick and she made no mistake getting it into the back of the net. With another Red goal in the third, it was not enough to get past Blue, who won the match 5-2 and is now leading the league in points.

Week 6 will see more tough match-ups between GWLWHL teams when Team Yellow looks for revenge against Team Red who beat them 3-0 during Week 1. The Orange team and Blue team will meet up once again this season in what is sure to be a high scoring game. Expect an energetic and thrilling game to end the evening as neither Team Purple nor Team Green want to end up with yet another tie game as they did during Week 1. Hang around after your game or come early to cheer on the teams!

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Standings - Regular Season

Regular Season *  Playoff Season
Team GP W L T Pts
Orange 10 7 1 2 16
Red 10 5 2 3 13
Blue 10 5 3 2 12
Purple 10 3 4 3 9
Green 10 2 6 2 6
Yellow 10 1 7 2 4

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