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Week #2 - postgame report

Apr 18, 2019

Week 2 fulfilled all its promises of exciting match-ups and results! Here’s a quick recap for all the overly-invested:

Game 1
Dream Team and Spray Tanchester United battled tightly with amazing performances on both sides having the game tied up at 3 towards the end. Unfortunately for TanU, and probably everyone on both benches gasping for air, there was too much time left on the clock and Dream Team pulled ahead to a 5-3 win. First star of the night goes to the Dream’s Ramogi with an impressive 4-goal game – Shawty is a 10 in my books. Sources say TanU was so choked they even left their clothes behind as they stormed out of the locker rooms.

Game 2
The Gandalfs managed a jaw-dropping last second win with 2 seconds on the clock to pull ahead 4-3 over Can We Kick It, also tying the game less than 10 seconds earlier than that! These wizards just wouldn’t quit and proved that balrogs like Burgundy couldn’t dampen their spirits. We spoke to Gandalf’s Vivek about the team’s incredible comeback finding out the following; Did you score the game-winner?? Vivek: “No.” Did you score the tie-up goal?? Vivek: “Also no, but I scored the first 2, sooo…” And he’s right folks, getting the first goals after the shutout last week are just as important! Team Pink was unavailable for comment, because I didn’t speak to anyone, and were presumably wondering if they could kick other things after their heartbreaking loss.

Game 3
The Yolkers bested the Blue Steels in a surprisingly high scoring 7-4 game on both ends. Not to be shutout again, team Blue stepped it up with an amazing performance and goals by many. Notable performances on Blue include Kukelko’s impressive run up line drive goal and Ashley’s first goal (on her own team, but a goal she wants noted). A special shutout shoutout to Udoka jumping in as backup goalie, albeit covering only 4 minutes of time. On the other side, the Yolks were eager for the win scoring within the first 30 seconds of the game – Or at least that’s what I was told, because I blinked and missed it.

Game 4
The last game of the night was also a nail biter with the Pandas coming out strong and maintaining the lead throughout. The Sauvages (*try not to read the word sausages) fought hard to a 8-6 result but were unable to keep up with the Express speeds. Monsieur Dauriac might’ve had a grenouille in his throat when tasked as backup goalie early in the game. And while I watched great goals on either side, such as Dan “Double D” Desrosiers’ Salman-esque cross corner goal, the commotion upstairs was focused solely on watching the Sauvages close the differential to less than 3 thanks to the underground pool known affectionately as Twyla’s Takes (I just made that up. Let’s see if it sticks.). A lot of people’s bonus question were salvaged with the final green goal.

Thanks for tuning in this week soccer fans. Great efforts by everyone last night!

If you have any interest in contributing to the weekly write-ups, feel free to connect with your Captains or the Conveners.

Week #2: pregame report

Apr 17, 2019

Game 1:
Dream Team (Burgundy) is coming off a big win last week with a 4-goal win and a shutout to boot with their opponents this week as Spray Tanchester United (Orange). Despite their last opponents, Dream Team’s 2 yellowcards would presume they’re in fact the Goons. TanU pulled off a great tie-up result against a formidably hard-boiled team last week with 4 goals apiece. This week’s match up promises to be a highlights-heavy game deserving of the 5:10 spot it’s being played. Let’s just say that Dream Team need to Keep Dreaming if they believe they can pull off a game like last week. TanU official mascot Dan Nichols was available for comment, “Orange you glad we don’t have to read WordUp magazine?”

Game 2:
Second game of the night pits Can We Kick It (Pink) against Gandalf’s Goonies (Grey). Can We Kick It leapfrogged their opponents last game to a 5-3 result truly proving to the league that they Can. The better question this week is can they Repeat? Gandalf’s took an unfortunate beating losing 0-4 in what can only be called a Nightmare – This fellowship may need a bit of lineup tweaking and captains reinforcing “You Shall Not Pass” as a mental reminder amongst the team. Gandalf’s are sure to be coming out in full force, reawakened in metaphorical white garb.

Game 3:
Blue Steel (Blue… obviously) vs. Yolks On You (Yellow) in the 3rd event of the night. The Can’t-turn-left crew took a heavy hearted beating last week losing 5-0 leaving them expressionless. Meanwhile the Yolks were apparently on themselves after giving up the lead for a 4-4 tie game – I bet they’re rethinking the sunny side options this week. Coming off that non-win, I’m certain Yolks will be out of the gate aiming for a high-scoring win. It’s sure to be a zoo(lander) out there.

Game 4:
Last game showcases Panda Express (Black), coming off a bamboo-zling 5-0 win last week against the Grenouilles Sauvages (Green) who just couldn’t kick it last week with a 5-3 loss. The Pandas will be sure to show off their kung-fu kicks tonight aiming for another handful of goals while the Sauvages will be out there trying to grip it and ribbit. Just a bunch of animals!

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