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Karaoke night

Jun 21, 2019

The GWLMISL annual Canada Day Karaoke night is coming up! After the games are over at Canlan on Wednesday, June 26, head over to the Limelight karaoke Tavern at 531 St.Mary's Rd. Looking forward to seeing everyone out!

Week #11 - Postgame Report

Jun 21, 2019

Game #3: Spray Tanchester United vs. Panda Express

Winner Winner Chicken Pad Thai Dinner – Team STU is the first team to serve the Panda Express their first loss with Black’s performance looking like a 2-year old trying to learn to use Chop Sticks. The match quickly got out of hand with Orange securing 3 goals early in the first half with a final score of 6-1. Ironically, team Black was missing their points leader Harun Kibirige to a meditation retreat, the same game TanU put on a demonstration of a pure-balanced yin yang game, performing strong on both defense and offense. The game was surely a wake-up for both teams on what they’ll need to bring to playoffs in just three short weeks!

Week #10 - Postgame Report

Jun 13, 2019

Game #1: Can We Kick It? vs. Spray Tanchester United

It’s official – Orange can kick it. Orange Crush style.

Game #2: Gandalf's Goonies vs. Panda Express

Game #3: Dream Team vs. Yolks On You

Game #4: Blue Steel vs. Grenouilles Sauvages

The last game of the night featured Team Blue going up against a depleted Team Green squad who was missing their top 4 players on the stats sheet to injuries and exams. The game was closer than the score suggested, with plenty of chances both ways. Ultimately Blue managed to secure their first shutout of the season, thanks to Salim who worked his butt off in order to stop Udoka from stealing his position as Team Blue’s #1 keeper.

On the sidelines, Tony Caputi was cheered on by his daughter on his 58th birthday; keeping her fingers crossed in anticipation of her dad scoring the next goal in this league. Tony's love for this sport is undeniable. His statistics tell it all: 9th season, 104 games played, 44 goals, and 41 assists. I played with Tony on the same team in season one on team green "Insurance Goals". Tony, you are an inspiration to me and many others. Happy Birthday my friend.

Week #9 - Postgame Report

Jun 7, 2019

Game #1: Panda Express vs. Grenouilles Sauvages

Game #2: Yolks On You vs. Blue Steel

Game #3: Can We Kick It? vs. Gandalf's Goonies

Game #4: Spray Tanchester United vs. Dream Team

Game 4 saw the Dream Team take a head-to-head balancing loss against STU with a 3-1 final score. With some debate over natural rosters vs. playing as the colors on your back, ultimately Orange demonstrated the stronger control throughout the match. Dream Captains post-game comments: “We were thinking ‘bout them, thinking ‘bout we, thinking ‘bout us, then they scored 3. They opened our eyes – I guess we’re only just a Dream. So we traveled back, got 1 goal, could we come back?, that was a No – We realized, that we’re only just a Dream…” Team STU on the other hand said Whooa Nelly to the downtrodden team, giving words of encouragement in the locker room as they shared some drinks and had some laughs after the game. Fun times were had by all.

Week #8 - Postgame Report

May 30, 2019

Game #1: Gandalf's Goonies vs. Dream Team

Was another fun game, and for the first time in the leagues history, Canlan turned the air conditioning on!!!!!!

Game #2: Grenouilles Sauvages vs. Can We Kick It?

The second match of the night featured a feisty French team hungry for their first win against the Pink squad who have been struggling with their kicks of late. After leaping to an early lead, the Frogs savagely hung on by a thread, allowing Pink to tie things up a few times before long-legging it out and finally claiming victory!

Game #3: Spray Tanchester United vs. Yolks On You

Game #4: Panda Express vs. Blue Steel

This game was close, like Zoolander 2 was close to winning an Oscar. 6-0 for the Pandas.

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Standings - Regular Season

Regular Season *  Playoff Season
Team GP W L T Pts
Panda Express 11 10 1 0 20
Yolks On You 11 8 2 1 17
Dream Team 11 7 4 0 14
Spray Tancheste 11 6 4 1 13
Blue Steel 11 4 7 0 8
Gandalfs Goonie 11 3 7 1 7
Can We Kick It? 11 3 8 0 6
Grenouilles Sau 11 1 9 1 3

Recent Games

Date Visitor Score Home
Jun 19 Dream Te 4 - 2 Can We K
Jun 19 Blue Ste 4 - 2 Gandalfs
Jun 19 Spray Ta 6 - 1 Panda Ex
Jun 19 Yolks On 8 - 5 Grenouil

Upcoming Games

Date Time Visitor Home
Jun 26 17:10 Spray Ta Blue Ste
Jun 26 18:10 Panda Ex Dream Te
Jun 26 19:10 Grenouil Gandalfs
Jun 26 20:10 Yolks On Can We K
Jul 3 17:10 Gandalfs Yolks On
Jul 3 18:10 Grenouil Spray Ta
Jul 3 19:10 Can We K Panda Ex
Jul 3 20:10 Blue Ste Dream Te


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