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Final Pool Standings & Semi-Final Match-Ups

Mar 15, 2018

Pool A
(4) Green32015
(8) Orange32104
(1) Teal31113
(5) Blue30300

Pool B
(6) Yellow32104
(2) White32104
(3) Rouge31202
(7) Black31202

It was an exciting 2 days of action in semi-final week 3 with 3 out of 4 spots in the semi-finals still up for grabs. The week started with an epic match-up between the top 2 seeds in Pool B between White and Rouge with just one spot in the semis available. In the end White prevailed in the winner take all game 3-1 and clinched 2nd spot in pool B. In the late game we had Yellow, who had already wrapped up 1st place in Pool B, resting many of their starters and losing a close 7-6 game to Black who though already eliminated from semi-final contention did what not many teams get to do and end their season on a winning note.

There was plenty on the line in Thursdays Pool A games as no team had yet clinched a spot in the semis or been mathematically eliminated so all 4 teams had high hopes of continuing their season beyond the final week of the round robin. The early game between Teal and Green featured the top 2 scorers from both the regular season and so far in the playoffs in Reggie Goodfellow and Sean Brokop so of course the game turned out to be a low scoring, close, tight checking 2-2 tie. The tie was as good as a win for Green as it clinched 1st place in Pool A for them while temporarily moving Teal into sole possession of 2nd spot and eliminating Blue from semi-final contention before their game with Orange began. In the final game of the round robin underdog Orange, who finished the regular season in last place continued their Cinderella playoff run by coming away with a 2-0 win against Blue locking up 2nd place in Pool A which also eliminated 1st overall Teal from the playoffs.

The semi-finals are now set for next Wednesday March 21st. Unlike last year where the semis were pure chalk with the top 4 teams from the regular season advancing, the early game will feature one of the unlikeliest match-ups possible as the 6th and 8th place teams from the regular season face off as Yellow takes on Orange. The late game sees 2nd overall White taking on 4th overall Green for the 4th time this season with Green winning the first two games of the season series and White winning the last. Should be two barn burners!

There will be not much time to rest or bask in the glory of their wins for the winners of the semi-finals as the finals are set to go the next day, Thursday March 22nd at 5pm. The windup will follow immediately after the final at Winn City Pub at 635 Pembina Hwy (Pembina and Grant). The windup will feature pizza from Papa John's, great door prizes (sticks, GWLHL apparel, and Labatt swag) and of course, beer. Hope to see you all there!

In the event either semi-final game ends in a tie here are the overtime and shootout rules for the semi-finals (same as last year):


1. The format for overtime will be a 3 on 3, sudden death.
2. The overtime period will be stop time, and a maximum of five (5) minutes long if no team scores.
3. Be ready to play immediately after regulation time because we want to get overtime going as soon as possible. Any team attempting to delay the start of overtime may be assessed a Minor penalty for Delay of Game.
4. Normal player changes will be allowed on the fly and at stoppages.
5. If a penalty occurs in overtime (or if there is an unexpired penalty carried over from the third period) the non-offending Team will play with 4 skaters and a Goaltender, and the offending Team will play with 3 skaters and a Goaltender. When the offending Team’s penalty expires, the penalized Player is permitted to rejoin the play which may result in temporary 4 on 4 play. At the first stoppage following the expiration of the penalty, Teams will revert back to 3 skaters and a Goaltender.
6. If the game is still tied at the end of the five (5) minutes, then a shoot-out will occur.


Should the game remain tied following the conclusion of the overtime period, a shoot-out will be conducted to determine a winner. For the shoot-out, the following rules/items will be applicable:

1. Goalies will both use/defend the same net (use net nearest fan viewing area)
2. 3 shooters per Team (team with most goals after 3 shooters wins)
3. Any penalty in the overtime period, that has not expired, will eliminate the penalized player from shoot-out participation.
4. Winner of coin flip gets choice to shoot first or shoot last.
5. Once a Player has shot, they shall move to the side of the rink opposite the Players’ bench.
6. Referees use Hockey Canada/USA Hockey procedures for penalty shot.
7. If the game remains tied following the first three shooters, a sudden death shoot-out will decide the game winner (i.e. one Team scores, the other does not). Every eligible Player on must shoot once before any player on that team can shoot again.
8. In cases of an extended shoot-out and the number of shooters on each team is not equal, the following would apply….. Once all players on the team with the least amount of players have shot once, and the game is still tied, the players on that team are eligible to shoot again. Once players on one team start taking their 2nd shots, then the players on the other team can start taking their 2nd shots too (this means some players on a team that has more players than their opponents team may not end up shooting at all).

Pool Standings & Semi-Final Scenarios After Round Robin Week 2

Mar 9, 2018

Pool A
(4) Green32015
(8) Orange32104
(1) Teal31113
(5) Blue30300

Pool B
(6) Yellow32104
(2) White32104
(3) Rouge31202
(7) Black31202

With Round Robin week 2 now in the books we have one team already punching their ticket to the semis with Yellow beating White 3-2 and locking up 1st place in Pool B. Also in Pool B action Rouge defeated Black 6-1 which means that Black is mathematically eliminated from semi-final contention and it sets up a loser leaves town match between Rouge and White next week with the 2nd place in Pool B and a spot in the semis on the line. If that games ends in a tie it would go to goal differential with Rouge holding the advantage there by two goals so would advance over White in the event of a tie.

Pool A is much more of a mess with no teams clinching a spot in the semis yet and no teams mathematically eliminated with two different possibilities of 3 way ties depending on the results of next week's games. Green is in the driver's seat right now at 2-0 with 4 points and can clinch first in the pool with a win or a tie against Teal next week. Everything else is still up in the air because if Green beats Teal that would drop Teal to 1-2 and if Blue beats Orange that means both those teams are also 1-2 causing a 3 way tie for the final spot in the semis. If Teal beats Green they're both 2-1 and if Orange beats Blue then they're also 2-1 causing a 3 way tie for two spots in the semis.

Giving the possible mess in Pool A this might be a good time to reiterate the tie breaking procedures which are the same from the regular season tie breakers I posted earlier:

Between two or more teams:

1. Best record in head-to-head games amongst the tied teams
2. Most wins (overall vs all teams)
3. Largest goal differential (overall vs all teams)
4. Least goals against (overall vs all teams)
5. Least penalty minutes
6. Coin toss

Note 1: If there are still teams tied after a step (no single team is advanced), only the tied teams from that step move on to the next step of the procedure. This process continues until there is only 1 team remaining.

Note 2: Once one team has been advanced, it then reverts back to the start of the tie-breaking procedure to break the remaining ties and so forth each time one team is advanced and more ties still need to be broken.

To clarify, if there is a 3 way tie for first place and we need to use the tiebreakers for both spots in the semis the tiebreaker rules above would be used to first determine who finishes 1st place in the pool. Once the 1st place team is determined the remaining two teams go back to tiebreaker #1 (head to head result) to determine who finishes 2nd place in the pool. That means we don't use goal differential, for example, to determine who finishes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place all in one shot. Hopefully that is clear so everyone knows where they stand going into the final week of the round robin. Good luck to everyone still fighting for a spot in the semis!

Now the Games Start to Count!

Feb 23, 2018

Some call the first 20 games of the GWLHL season "the exhibition games". But the regular season at least gives us a feel for what we might expect in the playoffs. At least, it gives us a slightly-better-than-random way of forming the two playoff pools!

Pool A
(4) Green22004
(8) Orange21102
(1) Teal21102
(5) Blue20200

Pool B
(6) Yellow22004
(3) Rouge21102
(2) White21102
(7) Black20200

The playoff round robin schedule is as follows:

Wednesday Feb 28th:
4:40pm - Yellow vs. Rouge
5:50pm - Black vs. White

Thursday Mar 1st:
4:40pm - Green vs. Blue
5:50pm - Orange vs. Teal

Wednesday Mar 7th:
4:40pm - Teal vs. Blue
5:50pm - Green vs. Orange

Thursday Mar 8th:
4:40pm - White vs. Yellow
5:50pm - Black vs. Rouge

Wednesday Mar 14th:
4:40pm - Rouge vs. White
5:50pm - Black vs. Yellow

Thursday Mar 15th:
4:40pm - Green vs. Teal
5:50pm - Orange vs. Blue

Week 19 Highlights: Teal Clinches 1st, Doug Ducharme Scores 100th Career Goal

Feb 16, 2018

With week 19 now in the books we had a couple more teams clinch their final spot in the standings. First of all, with their 7-3 win over Orange, Teal clinches 1st overall and the Pool A1 seed in the playoffs. It is the 7th straight year that 'Reggie's team' finishes 1st overall so congrats to Reggie and Teal. On a positive note for Team Orange, long time GWLHL veteran Doug Ducharme scored his 100th career goal in his 465th career game. Congrats Doug on reaching this great milestone! Also with Orange's loss and Yellow's win this week Yellow clinched 6th overall and the Pool B3 seed in the playoffs.

There is still a lot to be decided in the final week of the season next week, especially at the top of the standings with there being a 3 team tie at 24 points for 2nd to 4th place between Rouge, Green, and White. The season series between these 3 teams is already over with Rouge having the best record at 3-1-2, Green 2nd best at 2-2-2, and White 3rd at 2-4-0. If all 3 teams remain tied after next week then Rouge would finish 2nd overall by virtue of their win in the 3 team head to head season series tiebreaker. Then Green would finish 3rd overall by virtue of their head to head season series win over White 2 games to 1. However, since none of these teams play each other next week various combinations of wins, losses, and ties means any of these teams could still finish anywhere from 2nd to 4th place. Got it? Good.

Finally, 7th and 8th place are still to be decided because Black owns the head to head season series tiebreaker over Orange 2 games to 1 so if Black were to win their last game and Orange lose their last game Black finishes 7th and Orange drops to 8th. All other win/loss/tie scenarios has Orange finishing in 7th and Black finishing 8th.

2nd Most Excting Night in GWLHL History?

Feb 9, 2018

While nothing will likely ever compare to the most exciting night in GWLHL history, last night featured two big comebacks on the same night.

The first game of the night saw team Yellow leading by a field goal at the two-minute warning. Orange, used to being down but never out, battle back with three quick goals before time expired to steal a valuable singe point. That point moved Orange to within a win of leapfrogging Yellow in the standings. Without, they'd be one point out of last place. It looks like Orange might be a dark horse with momentum on their side coming in close the playoffs!

In the seconds game of the evening, things weren't looking good for Rouge, already down 3-1, when Bo-Maguire became the dead meat as a result of a Guliani/Duggan sandwich.

With their entire defensive strategy on the shelf for the rest of the game, Rouge's #1 scorer Andrew Wardrop turned it up to prove to everyone that offence truly is the best defense by scoring 3 unanswered goals to win the game 4-3.

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Standings - Regular Season

Regular Season *  Playoff Season
Team GP W L T Pts
Teal 20 14 4 2 30
White 20 13 7 0 26
Rouge 20 10 6 4 24
Green 20 10 6 4 24
Blue 20 9 10 1 19
Yellow 20 5 10 5 15
Black 20 4 13 3 11
Orange 20 4 13 3 11

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Mar 14 Rouge 1 - 3 White
Mar 14 Black 7 - 6 Yellow
Mar 15 Green 2 - 2 Teal
Mar 15 Orange 2 - 0 Blue

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