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Feb 7, 2019

Thanks for an enjoyable season to date.

Regular season final schedules will be online within a few days, with the regular season ending approx.March 30th.

Playoff rubric/schedule and rules will be posted here online and emailed out to team captains well before the playoffs start. The playoffs should run approximately 3 weeks should your team make it to the finals.

Playoff format:
There has been a request for a new playoff format from one of the team captains. Currently we run the first round as a best-of-2 series, with all other rounds as single elimination. The best of 2 rules for the first round are as follows:
- if team A wins game 1 and 2, they win the series.
- if team A wins game 1 and team B wins game 2, there is a "mini game" directly after game 2. It is a 5 minute, stop time, 5x5 play, sudden death. If a goal is scored in the mini game, the series is over. If no one scores, the series would be decided in a normal shootout.
- regulation ties remain as ties. Ie - If the score is 3-3 at end of 3rd period, the games remains a tie, with game 2 then deciding the series.
- If team A wins game 1, team B MUST win game 2 in regulation for force the mini game.

I personally like the best of 2 series, its exciting and possible to plan out in advance, allowing teams to map out there possible playoff dates right at the start of the playoffs. If there is a better way to run the playoffs I am all ears, it just needs to make sense from a scheduling standpoint. Should you have an idea that might be more exciting and still guarantees the 2 games, send it to me, and I will consider other alternatives.

Spring League info:

- registration is now open
- 12 game regular season plus min 1 playoff game (April 25-June 30).
- $2700 (tax incl).
- all games at Dakota
- 6 games will be released, followed by a re-alignment and the final 6 game schedule.

Summer League info:
- registration is now open
- 16 game regular season plus min 1 playoff game (Jul 2-Sept 10)
- $3150 (tax incl).
- all games at Dakota. No FRIDAY/SATURDAY games. Sunday games only after 6pm.
- 6 games released, followed by a re-alignment and the final 10 game schedule.

Contact me for registration or to hold a spot in either league.

2nd Annual Dakota Golf Tounrnament (Save the Date!)
-Thursday, July 11th (Kingswood Golf Course, La Salle)
- our first annual tounrnament was a success last year. Organizers have promised me that they will take the tournament to the next level this year with more giveaways and between hole interaction (without slowing it down too much).
- A foursome went for $500 last year, included lunch, supper and more. I don't expect the price to change much this year, maybe $520-525 at the most for a group of 4. Individual or groups of 2 registration is also an option.
- If your thinking about entering a team, or even donating a prize, we would be very grateful. I haven't opened registration up yet, but will be in the coming month. I don't expect us to take more than 30-32 teams in the interest of keeping play moving smoothly.

Finally thanks to everyone for being apart of the league.


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Standings - Regular Season

Regular Season *  Playoff Season
Team GP W L T OTL Pts
Shake N Bake 30 23 6 0 1 47
Lady Byngers 30 22 7 0 1 45
Wolfpack 30 21 7 0 2 44
Pacemakers 30 17 11 0 2 36
Isotopes 29 17 12 0 0 34
Master Anglers 30 13 13 0 4 30
The Haze 30 10 18 0 2 22
Electric Mayhem 30 8 20 0 2 18

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