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Joanthan Toews CC Dodgeball League

Oct 9, 2013

Welcome to the JTCC dodgeball league! We run a fall, winter & spring league. Each season is 10 games + playoffs. All the games are in the community centre gym. Below are the league rules.

Dodgeball League Rules

1. Game Times: All games are 55 minutes, played in the Dakota CC gym. Captains – Confirm a finishing time before game begins

2. Scoring: Each team has a maximum of 6 players on the floor to start the game (with min. 2 girls). Game goes till all 6 are eliminated. Play as many games as possible in the 55 minutes.

3. Teams may have more than 6 players, but only 6 can play per game. Players on the bench cannot sub in until the next game.

4. Boundaries: The gym is split in half. All players not eliminated are in bounds and can be hit anywhere on their side. If you are outside the black lines getting a ball, you can still be hit.

5. Throwing the ball – With the big court, opposing players can throw from anywhere on their side. The rule of throwing from behind the attack line has been removed. (except at the start of each match, when balls are first grabbed, you must retreat behind attack line before throwing.)

6. Officials: Games are self-officiated. Each team must have a designated “captain” to agree on disputed calls. Poor sportsmanship or outright cheating can result in suspension from the league.

7. Standings: In order to keep standings up to date – each captain must email in the score of their game w/in 24 hours to the league. Email address: dakotaccpm@shaw.ca

8. Equipment: 6 dodgeballs (supplied by the league) are used for games. They must be placed on the centerline prior to the game. Teams must stand with both feet on the back line. Team captains alternate starting each game by yelling out go!

9. If a player throws a ball from their side – and it does not cross the center line; that is considered a dropped ball and that player is eliminated.

10. A player caught touching two balls at once with their hand is eliminated.

11. A game down to 1vs1 has no time limit. During 1vs1 the players can cross center and go as far as the other teams attack line. This rule has been created to speed up play when down to 1vs1.

12. A player that gets hit above the shoulders in not out. A player ducking that gets hit above the shoulders is out.

13. A thrower that hits an opposing player above the shoulders is out.

14. A ball that bounces before striking a player is dead. That player is not hit, and remains in.

15. Caught Balls – The thrower is out. If team catching ball has less that 6 players on the court, the first eliminated player can return.

16. There is a 10 second time limit in throwing the ball. If 10 seconds passes, that player is eliminated.

17. No kicking the ball!

18. Re-directs – The ball can re-direct off a player or ball and be caught by another player before hitting the ground. The thrower is out, as this is ruled as a caught ball. The original player that got hit would not be out, as the ball was caught before it hit the floor.

19. Absolutely NO Alcohol permitted. Players caught with alcohol will be suspended from the leaue w/o refund.

20. Refunds – Accepted until 2 weeks prior to the first game. After that point the league is set, and no refunds will be processed.

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Anthony Knapp
Phone: (204) 254-1010 x201
Email: dakotaccpm@shaw.ca

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