Track My Hockey Stats Enhancements

It's time for players to start thinking about hockey again with most leagues starting their winter seasons in he upcoming weeks.

Here is a list of the enhancements/changes that we have implemented so far this year to Track My Hockey Stats:

  1. Welcome to the GWLWHL who are joining the Track My Hockey Stats for their first season here.
  2. Player Names are now displayed as LastName, FirstName instead of FirstName LastName
  3. Historical Seasons can viewed by selecting a past season from a new drop down menu.
  4. Links have been added to the Standings and Stat pages to toggle between playoff and regular season results.
  5. Player and Goalie history stats have been imported for the GWLHL.
  6. Award history has been imported for the GWLHL.
  7. Player Detail pages now show summary for current season (regular season and playoff) stats.

That isn't all that we have planned either. Here is a list of the enhancements that you can expect to see coming soon:

  1. Historical standings for the GWLHL.
  2. Administation section for league convenors where they will be able to enter their own game results and news articles.